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Enigma2175 05-25-10 08:39 PM

TV-Out not working with 8400 GS and 195.96.24
I am attempting to set up a new 8400 GS card to use with my television using S-video. The card works fine using a VGA or DVI output. No matter what configuration I try it refuses to output to the TV out connector under X. BIOS and boot display normally on the television but as soon as X starts the TV goes blank (and pops a message indicating it is not getting a signal). The output detection on the card does not seem to work, unless I have a ConnectedMonitor == TV in my xorg.conf X does not start at all. If I do have the option X starts normally and the xorg logfile show no errors but I get no display. The following threads also seem to report the same/similar issues:


Is there any workaround for this issue? Is it ever likely to be fixed? It has been almost a year since the first thread, in all that time this issue hasn't been addressed? I have a 9400 GT card which works fine with S-Video, what is different about the 8400 GS that would cause this issue to manifest? This is very frustrating - I bought this card specifically for TV output and it seems like due to buggy drivers (and an unwillingness to fix the regression) I have bought myself an expensive paperweight. Any workarounds or tips anyone could give me to help me resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

rickabillie 07-27-10 12:36 PM

Re: TV-Out not working with 8400 GS and 195.96.24
I have a workaround (after 3 days on this!)
I set up my xorg through the nvidia (195 driver I think) settings I use twinview, both 1024 x 768, and set the second monitor (tv) to clone. I save it without merging and as I reboot I disconnect the monitor leaving only the svideo out plugged in, I reboot, get the bios splash and once linuxmint (9) starts booting (the dots progressing as seen on tv, or you could just count) I plug the monitor data cable back in and both the dfp and the svideo out work, (i use the settings overscan option to see everything on the monitor.

btw, I HATE this work-around, will prolly try to find a better card,,,
any suggestions on which to buy (~$50)?

I wonder if there is a way to get the bios to do this for me?
if anybody has a suggestion that might make it just work, I have included the following:

my xorg http://pastebin.com/Ze6btxhn
my xorg log http://pastebin.com/bvnkAiBi


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