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Tygerwoody 05-28-10 08:05 PM

Altitude = AMAZINGLY fun game
Just going to copy and paste from their site:

Altitude is a fun, original multiplayer game with a bunch of cool unlocks and game modes. It's easy to learn and perfect for quick 10 minute sessions when you're busy, or way longer if you're bored. Very fun multiplayer action. Make sure to try ball mode once you've learned the basics.

Free 3 hour demo: Windows, Mac, Linux, Steam

Screenshots: 01 02 03 04 05

This game is a ton of fun to play, small download, runs on just about any system, Windows/Mac users can play on the same servers, perfect for quick 10-20 minute spurts if you're busy, and basically everyone needs to play it. Just download the free demo already, you'll be glad you did.

More info including trailer: altitudegame.com

This game is VERY VERY fun. Every single person I have gotten to play with me on my server I host loves the game. If anyone is interested in playing, please message me on Steam. Tygerwoody is my name.

Also remember, the TUTORIAL sucks. Go through the tutorial just to learn the basics, but don't base your thoughts of the game on it. You need to play real servers to get a feeling for the game.

Sazar 05-28-10 11:22 PM

Re: Altitude = AMAZINGLY fun game
Yah, so I obviously don't like it as much as you do :bleh:

Tygerwoody 05-29-10 12:28 AM

Re: Altitude = AMAZINGLY fun game

Originally Posted by Sazar (Post 2260056)
Yah, so I obviously don't like it as much as you do :bleh:

did you play on my server? no.

Again, you can't play the tutorial and expect that to be the game. The tutorial sucks.

Sazar 05-29-10 12:29 AM

Re: Altitude = AMAZINGLY fun game
You smell funny :bleh:

methimpikehoses 05-29-10 01:08 AM

Re: Altitude = AMAZINGLY fun game
I played the tutorial. This game sucks.

Smee 05-29-10 08:04 AM

Re: Altitude = AMAZINGLY fun game
I played on a server first... this game sucks.
Amazingly, I thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial. :bleh:

J/k I'll try it later :)

K007 05-29-10 08:29 AM

Re: Altitude = AMAZINGLY fun game
well that was boring...

Tygerwoody 05-29-10 09:19 AM

Re: Altitude = AMAZINGLY fun game
you have to play on my server with me to get the full effect.

The game is pretty hard at first, but you adjust fast. Message me on steam, i'll show you around.

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