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rockob 05-29-10 04:55 AM

powermizer adaptive mode stays on max performance
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nvidia-settings/PowerMizer shows that although the preferred mode is set to adaptive on my PC (with a GeForce 8600M GT card), the performance level/mode is always set to 2, ie maximum performance.

I can successfully use RegistryDwords in xorg.conf to force a lower performance level, eg I've done this for when on battery to save power (and 2d performance is fine), but when it's in adaptive mode it won't budge from high performance. It doesn't matter whether I run compiz or not.

Is this normal? Is there some setting I'm missing?

AaronP 05-29-10 10:27 AM

Re: powermizer adaptive mode stays on max performance
PowerMizer often needs to keep the performance level high when there are two screens connected to make sure there is enough internal bandwidth in the chip to drive both displays. Do you still see it in the highest performance level if you turn off the other display in nvidia-settings?

rockob 05-30-10 06:00 PM

Re: powermizer adaptive mode stays on max performance
Ah, yes, it does reduce the performance level (first to 1 then zero) if I disable the second monitor.

But does it really need to keep it in level 2 if there are two monitors? When I switch to battery and it is forced to level zero by my settings, the desktop is still perfectly usable even with compiz turned on.

Also, there are a couple of odd things I notice with the 256.29 driver:

* When running in level 1 or level 2, it says level 1 has the same clock speeds as level 2 (NV=475 MHz, Mem=702 MHz)

* When it switches to level zero, it says that level 2's clock speeds are now the same as perf level zero (169 and 100 MHz).

AaronP 05-30-10 11:09 PM

Re: powermizer adaptive mode stays on max performance
Yes, there are probably a few cases where you would notice your screens flicker at the lower power levels.

As for the reporting, yeah, there's something funky going on with 256.29 that we'll try to get to the bottom of soon.

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