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mINA87 05-30-10 10:50 AM

VDPAU VdpOutputSurface and YCbCr
Hello there,
I would like to ask if it's possible to fetch VdpOutputSurface pixel data in VDP_YCBCR_FORMAT_YV12 format, or in any other VDP_YCBCR_*. In other words - does the VdpVideoMixer has possibility to output YCbCr format or it just performs color space conversion and works on RGB then?
I would like to benefit from hardware decoding, deinterlacing, scaling and even overlaying using VDPAU and I would like to feed another codec with output from VDPAU. It accepts only YUV.
Of course I can perform RGB->YUV color space conversion on my own, but it would be nice if I could skip this step for higher performance of overall system.
Thanks and regards.

Stephen Warren 06-01-10 11:06 AM

Re: VDPAU VdpOutputSurface and YCbCr
mINA87, the VdpVideoMixer can only output to a VdpOutputSurface, which always contains RGB data.

With the recently added VDPAU <-> OpenGL/CUDA interop, you could still use the GPU to HW-accelerate de-interlacing, scaling, etc., but you'd have to write your own shader algorithms to do this.

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