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stecklum 05-30-10 02:46 PM

nvidia-setting and glxgears
I noticed a strange issue with nvidia-settings and glxgears. After logging into gdm, glxgears returns correct results, e.g. 23210 frames in 5.0 seconds = 4641.924 FPS for my 8400M GS with NVIDIA Driver 256.25 and compositing off. Once nvidia-settings has been invoked, the reported frame rate drops enormously, e.g. 300 frames in 5.0 seconds = 59.895 FPS. However, direct rendering is still enabled,

$ glxinfo | grep rendering
direct rendering: Yes

which is puzzling.

jumjum77 05-30-10 03:02 PM

Re: nvidia-setting and glxgears
The settings in nvidia-settings are not applied until the utility is run. Hence, you have different settings in the utility as compared to your xorg.conf.

The reason you get ~60fps is probably that nvidia-settings enables sync-to-vblank, which is a good thing. It removes tearing, and there's no need to render more frames than can be displayed on screen.

Use the -l option to load the settings in a startup script.

jeisom 05-30-10 03:25 PM

Re: nvidia-setting and glxgears
Another thing is the composite manager may set sync to blank as well

gradinaruvasile 05-30-10 11:32 PM

Re: nvidia-setting and glxgears
This is not puzzling, it is logical.
There are 2 ways to set the sync to vblank:
1. nvidia-setting's opengl options
2. compiz settings panel

These 2 might have a conflict if only one of them is set. It is not a problem per se, but you wont know when it is enabled and when its not. Launching nvidia-settings probably set it to enabled that is the default setting AFAIK.
Always set both to the same setting to control it.

stecklum 05-31-10 01:37 AM

Re: nvidia-setting and glxgears
Thanks to all of you for the clarification.

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