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mpaganini 05-31-10 01:36 AM

Can't run 2 XServers on the same machine (different VTs) with 173.14.22 (regression?)
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I commonly run two X servers concurrently on my desktop. The first one is usually allocated VT7, whereas the second gets VT8. This setup allows two members of the family to use the same computer (naturally, not at the same time), and worked very well over the last three years or so (last two under version 169.12, under Hardy Heron).

A few days ago I decided to upgrade to Lucid, which comes with version 173.14.22. With the new driver, I am able to start a second X server on VT8 (by using gnome-screensaver's "Login as a different user" feature), but when the user on this new X server logs out or kills the server with Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, the monitor goes into power saving mode and never recovers. I tried to switch to the text consoles, but the situation is the same. The only way out of it is a reboot.

The interesting thing is that if instead of logging out I just switch consoles back and forth with Ctrl-Alt-F7 and Ctrl-Alt-F8, everything works as expected. I can even kill the second X-server using kill (from a terminal session running under the first X-server). The problem only happens if/when the user on the second X-server kills the server or logs out.

I'm sending attached the necessary nvidia-bug-report.log.gz. This was taken after the second server had been killed, and the monitor was in the perpetual power-saving mode.


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