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Hollow Man 07-21-03 10:10 AM

Q3 problems w/nForce 1.0-0261
I've been having problems getting Q3 v. 1.32b to start using nForce 1.0-0261. It crashes on start, never getting to the main menu.

I've tried disabling SPDIF to no avail. I CAN get Q3 to work if I disable sound in Q3 via a command line startup parameter. I can also get Q3 to work WITH sound if I go back to Q3 v. 1.30.

The other way I can get Q3 to work with sound is if I stay at Q3 v. 1.32b but I revert to nForce driver 1.0-0248 (1.0-256 won't work with Q3 1.32b either). But if I use 1.0-248, sound in Half-Life/Counter-Strike under Wine stops working in game.

Other Q3 engine games (Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory) work fine with any of the nForce versions I've tried.

Relevent System Specs:

-Shuttle XPC SN41G2B (FN41/nForce 2 motherboard)
-Abit Siluro GeForce4 4200 w/latest driver (not using IGP)
-AMD Athlon/Barton 2500+ CPU
-512 MB RAM (2 sticks of Crucial 2700)
-Red Hat 8

Nothing is overclocked. It's getting a bit strange to have to keep switching nForce drivers depending on whether I want to play Counter-Strike or Q3/Team Arena.


starbase218 08-08-03 05:57 AM

Using Slackware 9.0, I have the same problem. With 1.0-0261, Quake crashes right after I started it. With any previous driver version, it runs ok. Haven't tried Q3 1.30 yet, though, so I'm gonna give that a try.

Hollow Man 08-08-03 11:15 AM

I spoke to NVIDIA tech support, and they told me that they were able to replicate the problem, and they would hopefully have a fix in the next driver release.


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