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|MaguS| 06-03-10 04:35 PM

Im Famous!
Well not really but I sent Giant Bomb a package. They just received it! :D


NarcissistZero 06-03-10 05:03 PM

Re: Im Famous!
I'll always remember that I knew you when.

Redeemed 06-03-10 05:12 PM

Re: Im Famous!
I don't get it. :o

t3hl33td4rg0n 06-03-10 05:22 PM

Re: Im Famous!

Armed_Baboon 06-03-10 05:51 PM

Re: Im Famous!
Please explain for the noobs?

|MaguS| 06-03-10 05:52 PM

Re: Im Famous!
Giant Bomb is a gaming website, I sent the a package of candy from my recent trip to Argentina. They opened it on video and said my girlfriends name and mine.

I am forever on the net now!

Bearclaw 06-03-10 05:56 PM

Re: Im Famous!
I still dun git it, boi.

Kidding. Nice!

Stoneyguy 06-03-10 06:04 PM

Re: Im Famous!
First I've ever heard of Giant Bomb.

Mr. Hunt 06-03-10 06:32 PM

Re: Im Famous!
This still has nothing my my credits for a gamefaqs faq on MGS3. So eat that MAGUS! I FOUND OVER 50% OF THOSE KEROTAN FROGS!

|MaguS| 06-03-10 06:51 PM

Re: Im Famous!
But its on Gamefaqs...

mullet 06-03-10 07:04 PM

Re: Im Famous!

Albo 06-03-10 07:19 PM

Re: Im Famous!

:rofl "bano means bathroom.."
What did you send them!?!

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