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ubootfanat 06-08-10 12:13 PM

nvidia and displaylink on ubuntu
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Hi there!

my Setup
  • Dell Latitude E6400 with buildin LED-Backlit Flatpanel at 1440x900
  • HP LP2475w Desktop flat monitor at 1920x1200 attached at displayport
  • Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW attached via Kensington DisplayLink USB-GraphicCard [1].
  • further details see bug-report.log
Get a three-monitor-setup working.

  • my Standard xorg.conf looks like xorg.conf.1 and works well. nvidia-settings works well also. nice piece of work here.
  • I gave the depricated "nv"-driver a try. xorg.conf.3 is the config used for this setup. All works well.
  • my enhanced xorg looks is attached as xorg.conf.2. When I start this one via

    startx -- :1 -nolisten tcp
    I get the logentries in "nvidia-bug-report.txt". In human readable words, xserver starts, first displaylink-monitor pops brown, then laptop then hp. This is when I can move the mouse for a split second. then laptop goes black again, hp goes black again and xserver crashes with a segmentation fault.
  • if I boot up xserver and gdm shows up for login and I select "gnome safe mode" graphics do work until nvidia-settings is launched

in short
it works with "nv"-driver and does not work with "nvidia" driver. chances are high that nvidia-driver is causing the problems. can you hint me where to search next?

thanks in advance

[1] http://www.us.kensington.com/html/17534.html

DanM 06-11-10 12:42 AM

Re: nvidia and displaylink on ubuntu
From what I have been able to find out . The GPU initializers the only DVI in Linux. There are a few similar posts showing up.

danix 06-11-10 03:23 PM

Re: nvidia and displaylink on ubuntu
DisplayPort works fine with the NVIDIA binary driver. The other recent reports of problems with DisplayPort don't have sufficient information for us to determine what's really happening.

If you read ubootfanat's original post, you'll see that the problem is that adding a third display with the Kensington USB video adapter doesn't work. The DP connected display does come up. Unfortunately, I don't have one of these USB video adapters to test with.

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