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stncttr908 07-21-03 08:44 PM

Low 9800 Pro score, help requested!
Here is a screen of my D3D settings.


And here are my results with the current specs below.


Most people can easily get 250+ FPS in the pixel shader test as well as close to 300 FPS in the Dragothic low detail test, yet mine lag far behind. Any suggestions anyone? I'm using the Catalyst 3.6 drivers, and even reinstalled them and left them untweaked. Still not different. Also, AGP aperture is 256MB, 8x AGP, and no OC to the card.

Lars 07-22-03 04:23 AM

Hmm, your score is most definitely way too low for your system. I'm not an AMD systems expert by any means, but my first thought would be if you've got your chipset/agp drivers properly installed?

stncttr908 07-22-03 10:20 AM

Yes, the nforce 2.03 driver set..

b00bie 07-23-03 01:53 PM

What is your mem clock and core clock at right now?

stncttr908 07-23-03 02:21 PM

They're at stock, but other stock cards can do 290fps in low dragothic, and my processor is at 200x11...

cokaznrebel 07-23-03 07:35 PM

That is very weird, try a fresh install of windows, my ti4400 maxed out at 14500, which beats that score, and im on a barton 2500 at 2183 but only 174 FSB.........thats really low, my 9800 pro now gets around 17500 @ 174 FSB..i need new ram :rolleyes:

stncttr908 07-23-03 08:26 PM

Bah, these tests were conducted on a fresh install, only a day or two old anyway. :(

Maybe this brand new "DX9b" can help me out. :)

b00bie 07-23-03 08:28 PM

ya, my cpu is not even oc'ed just yet and I get better results without oc'ing the card. They're not way better, but yes I do get 288fps in low dragothic. I'm sorry, I don't know why though.
All I can say is, restart, turn off anything which may take up any of your cpu or mem and run again. See what you get. And also, have you tried 3DMark2003?

stncttr908 07-23-03 10:34 PM

In 2k3 here is what I get. I think my results are respectable but I get terrible CPU test scores for some strange reason. This whole thing really perplexes me.


The Baron 07-23-03 10:46 PM

Is CPU Interface enabled?

stncttr908 07-24-03 10:19 AM

Probably just a bad driver install, I removed them (remembered to use driverheaven's driver cleaner this time) and installed the Omega 3.6's, and here is what I get.


Thanks for the ideas fellas, I know even when I come here with an ati problem you'll come through, unlike other places where my questions went unnoticed.

Lars 07-24-03 10:28 AM

Glad to hear you got it sorted out, although we didn't really sort your problem out... :) The new result looks much better.

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