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hetz 06-10-10 03:56 PM

Weird aspect ratio video display
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I have the following setup: Fedora 13, nvidia 195.32.64 driver, Geforce 9800GT with 1GB RAM, twin view mode where the primary display is 1920X1200 (16:10 Aspect ratio) and the secondary display is a small screen 1024x768 with 4:3 aspect ration.

I have a very weird behavior when watching video in browser (either Firefox or Chrome) on web sites like youtube, etc: On the big screen in full screen mode I get the picture smaller than the screen size, and on the small screen, the picture is much much larger then the size of the screen. I'm enclosing 2 pictures: one is a photo of my big screen playing a video, and the other is the small screen. I also enclose the bug report log.

When I'm on a "single" mode (meaning the card is configured to use only 1 monitor) the video looks perfect.

I tried to use twin view, seperate X, tried to disable Sync to VBlank and also tried to set sync to VBlank to either of the screens, didn't help.

Any suggestion how to overcome this problem?


Stephen Warren 06-14-10 11:13 AM

Re: Weird aspect ratio video display
Video playback within a browser typically uses the Adobe Flash plugin. If you only see this issue in fullscreen mode, which is usually a purely software construct that doesn't involve the video driver, it's most likely a bug in the video software itself, i.e. Flash.

Judging by your description, perhaps Flash is getting confused by the information that describes the size/position of you monitors. In Twinview mode, you may try using (or not using) xorg.conf option NoTwinViewXineramaInfo. If you set this option, you should see full-screen mode spread across both your displays, so some of the video will still be cut off. However, if the video is then shown at a size that'd cover both monitors and the dead space (non-visible space below? right of the smaller rightmost monitor), this again probably points at a Flash bug.

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