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six_storm 06-15-10 07:50 AM

Magic The Gathering: DotP
Anyone getting this game? It releases today!

I pre-ordered it last week. Haven't played Magic in a long time so this ought to be really fun, especially at ten bucks.

six_storm 06-15-10 12:47 PM

Re: Magic The Gathering: DotP
Played this at work for about 40 minutes and it's pretty good for $10. I wish that you could turn off the animations and stuff (not needed) and the AI takes a while to think about their next move. I'd rather have a faster game.

zoomy942 06-15-10 01:22 PM

Re: Magic The Gathering: DotP
i'd rather you played GW

six_storm 06-15-10 01:23 PM

Re: Magic The Gathering: DotP

Originally Posted by zoomy942 (Post 2270945)
i'd rather you played GW

I'd rather play GW too . . . bosses keep walking around :thumbdwn:

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