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nekrosoft13 06-16-10 09:47 PM

WRC: The Official Videogame (PC, RROD_Box, PS3)
Here are some E3 2010 images from the officially licensed FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) game, produced and developed by Black Bean Games and Milestone. The WRC 2010 game will contain the teams and drivers from the World Rally Championship and include all 13 rallies that appear on this year's calendar.


WeReWoLf 06-16-10 10:02 PM

Re: WRC: The Official Videogame (PC, RROD_Box, PS3)
Needs more AA. Looking good though.

Destroy 06-16-10 10:26 PM

Re: WRC: The Official Videogame (PC, RROD_Box, PS3)
The pretty is not strong in this one, DIRT2 sets a hard pace. This going to be a sim or just a press button to accel game?

I'm more interested to see how the rally is in GT5.

Logical 06-17-10 07:04 AM

Re: WRC: The Official Videogame (PC, RROD_Box, PS3)
Looks meh...will stick with the awesomeness that is DIRT 2 for now.

raystorm 06-17-10 08:42 AM

Re: WRC: The Official Videogame (PC, RROD_Box, PS3)
Not a fan of Dirt 2. It bored me outta my mind. I just want traditional rally point races with rally cars. Just me and the track. No stadium tracks, no bumper car races (which many dirt races can end up being), no trucks, sand buggies or other kinds of cars..etc. Maybe WRC will be the rally game for me. I hope it turns out well.

JohnDio 09-01-10 12:53 PM

Re: WRC: The Official Videogame (PC, RROD_Box, PS3)
WRC 2010 PC Performance


WRC 2010 will be released on October 8th and today we got our review code. So let's see how it performs. We'll use a Q6600 @ 3.6Ghz with 4GB DDR2 and an Nvida GTX295. The game utilizes all four cores of our quad-core, although as we can see it doesn't stress them. When using two cores, we saw better CPU utilization. Performance though was the same. So rest assured that WRC 2010 will run great if you have a dualcore...

JohnDio 09-26-10 09:59 AM

Re: WRC: The Official Videogame (PC, RROD_Box, PS3)
PC demo ;)


omzig 09-26-10 01:50 PM

Re: WRC: The Official Videogame (PC, RROD_Box, PS3)

well just downloaded and installed the demo.....cant say impressed

I have a 4.1Ghz i5,4gb with a 260gtx, on win7 x64 @1920x1200 without AA & all gfx options im clocking about 60-75 fps remove DOF MB Fog/bloom (poorly done compaired to other games with the same effects) and its up to about 120-130fps,turning on the options menu x2aa halfs my framerate and x4 drops me to about 2/3! so just over 40fps with x4 aa from 120fps without wtf!

worse though no matter the frame rate the demo seems to have a nasty micro stutter and some kind of deadzone/lag on the keyboard input

Loading screens suggest that key layout is arrows but a/z are accel/brake not up/down as shown,got my x360 pad plugged in & the game doesnt see it & there are no options to alter/redefine the keys/controller

Worse than all that though is the console style overly ****ing chatty co-driver seems theres with no way to just have him read his stage notes and keep his comments on my driving style to himself.....i was hopping this would be a return to some great rallying on the PC but based on this demo i'll be passing on the full retail,& yes before someone asks im a massive fan of the WRC

Redeemed 09-26-10 01:53 PM

Re: WRC: The Official Videogame (PC, RROD_Box, PS3)
Gotta' be honest- these games don't do a whole lot for me.

I want a proper 4x4 evo 3. Gimme' a big arse truck flinging mud every where and some screamin' V8s and Diesel power. :drooling:

Destroy 09-26-10 03:08 PM

Re: WRC: The Official Videogame (PC, RROD_Box, PS3)
To use game pad you must go totally to the top and switch 'keyboard' to 'joypad'.

JohnDio 09-30-10 04:21 AM

Re: WRC: The Official Videogame (PC, RROD_Box, PS3)


Although the graphical damage is minimal, the real damage is great. Here are some notes:

0:24 Gearbox damaged slightly. Shifting is slower than before

0:33 I'm flyiiiiiiiiiing... shifting is even slower now

1:02 Electronics & engine damaged. You can hear the different engine sound now

1:21 Gearbox was damaged in the previous crash.

1:36 Engine damaged more. It sounds damaged and acceleration is noticeably slower now

1:42 In the previous crash we've also damaged the axis wheel. You can notice here that the car is turning by itself

3:03 Suspension is even more damaged

3:18 We lost a gear. Gearbox is a mess right now

4:32 Engine damaged even more. I really feel sorry for this car

4:45 Can't even powerslide due to the slow acceleration

4:50 Struggling to put gears.

5:44 As i said, i really feel sorry for this car!

6:35 Finishing with style :D

Burnt_Ram 10-02-10 07:44 AM

Re: WRC: The Official Videogame (PC, RROD_Box, PS3)
i tried the demo, but my MS FF Wheel wasn't detected ... if it does in the final i'll be getting this, been looking forward to a good rally game for awhile. dirt2 is ok but a full blown rally game is better ;)

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