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italy2010 06-17-10 09:05 AM

3-WAY SLI why disable physx???
hi to all im goona to buy 3 GTX 480 to turn on 3-WAY SLI GTX480 ZOTAC but im see some think in the net in benchmarks in the web that all test enable 3-WAY SLI they disable the PHYSX option?why?
the 3 GPU work to gather in graphics and physx mean 3GPU for GRAPHICS & 3PPU FOR PHYSX or not?
or the disabling the physx in 3-WAY SLI that mean no physx availble for games just 3-GPU for graphics and no physx?
if i enabling the physx in 3-WAY SLI may be that mean the 2GPU work for graphics and the
3rd card work to physx that mean two way sli no 3-WAY SLI in that case mean
((no 3GPU AND 3PPU)). plz plz plz i wanna to understand the theoryof 3-WAY SLI WITH PHYSX enabling.

WeReWoLf 06-17-10 09:33 AM

Re: 3-WAY SLI why disable physx???
They disable the Physx for tests against ATI Radeon's because the ATI cards can't do it. The reviewers are aiming for a more concise comparison of the 2 cards.

italy2010 06-17-10 12:51 PM

Re: 3-WAY SLI why disable physx???
OK thankz to you.
But i CANOT understand what theory of 3-WAY SLI WITH PHYSX enabling? mean

JasonPC 06-17-10 01:02 PM

Re: 3-WAY SLI why disable physx???
Just one of the cards is used for physx. I think it used to be (for SLI modes) the primary card. But I think the new 257 drivers may let you choose? not sure

You still get optimum physx performance with one card dedicated for physx (not part of the SLI array)

WeReWoLf 06-17-10 09:47 PM

Re: 3-WAY SLI why disable physx???
Yeah, the new 257 drivers lets you choose which card you want for physx.

john19055 06-20-10 12:19 AM

Re: 3-WAY SLI why disable physx???
But I thought nvidia said that was a flaw in there drivers and it would be fix by there next driver.I know why, but I just don't understand why nvidia want let ATI work with thier cards for phys-x ,they would sell some more of the low end ones if they would let you do it without haveing to do driver hack's.

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