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dardack 07-22-03 10:56 AM

STB Systems Velocity 4400 (TNT chip i belive)
I have a STB Systems Velocity 4400 sitting around, PCI 16mb sdram. Was wondering if the nvidia drivers support this card, if so does it also support XV and tv-out? Want to use it in my MythTV box cause it sitting around just collecting dust, but it must have XV support. Anyways, any info on this would be great. And if someone has successfullly used it in Mandrake 9.1 with XV i would love to know. Thanks.

Thunderbird 07-22-03 12:32 PM

The nvidia drivers support TNT cards or higher so your card should work fine. The drivers support Xv on your card too (even the opensource nv driver gives Xv) but not all Xv options might be supported. (some stuff like brightness and things like that perhaps ..)

Tvout should work as well. If you just follow the readme it should work fine.

dardack 07-22-03 01:09 PM

Ok being completely retarded right now (at work so it's excusible in my mind) is the read me in the tar file? or is it online somewhere? and is it a pretty automatted process? or gotta build everything yourself? (Granted dont mind either way just curious)

dardack 07-22-03 08:13 PM

ok was easy except remembering how to shut down X, duh cntl-alt-backspace, wow so long since i had to do that. Anyways, the opensource nv driver for the TNT is not XV accelerated, i did an xvinfo before i did the install and said no adapters. The install was pretty easy, get the splash screen now, and do XVinfo and finds my adapter now. so AHHHH very nice.

ArMurphND 08-29-04 09:31 AM

Re: STB Systems Velocity 4400 (TNT chip i belive)
I've been trying to enable TV-Out on my Velocity 4400. I saw someone else who was adding options into the xorg.conf file, but when I did this the X Server came back with "No Valid Displays Found" Are there any specific ones that are unsupported for Fedora Core 2?

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