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shugs81 06-20-10 05:08 PM

Best card for Animation
Hi chaps...

I'm currently running linux and looking to start 3d modelling & possibly animation and I was wondering what the best supported card is?

I'm running fedora 13 64bit and due to software i'll be getting as part of a course (maya, mudbox, photoshop and 3dsmax!!!) I'll be running a 64bit windows partition too...

as i said which card would be best and any Idea's which os would be best for my widows partition? xp or 7?


thefirstm 06-20-10 05:51 PM

Re: Best card for Animation
The Linux driver supports practically all the video cards, so get the best one that fits your budget. For the Windows partition, definitely definitely use Windows 7. Windows XP is about 9 years old and simply cannot take advantage of modern systems. Also, make sure you get the 64-bit versions of both Windows and Linux.

shugs81 06-21-10 04:54 PM

Re: Best card for Animation
i'm currently running a sparkle geforce 9500... is that still ok or should i look to upgrade?

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