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ragejg 06-26-10 08:48 PM

Qualcomm 528 mhz CPU-equipped phones (7200 series) thread

I'm making this thread because not all of us have 1ghz Snapdragon phones or IPhones. Occupying the affordable smartphone space over teh last couple years are handsets equipped with the Qualcomm 7200 series CPU which generally operates at 528 mhz, and when the software is set up properly they are capable of taking advantage of ATI Imageon graphical acceleration

Some of the 7200 handsets use Windows Mobile 6.0/6.1/6.5, and some use variations of Android.

It's well-known that phones with this chipset aren't speedy all the time, and some of them are bundled with enough bloatware to really make them feel unusable at times.

So if you know anything about this platform, please post here with any advice you may have regarding optimizations to the OS, alternate ROMs, and software that mixes well with the platform.

... I have an HTC (AT&T) Pure, equipped with WinMo 6.5.


I dig it, but there are some issues I'd like to resolve that could make it much more enjoyable. I'll post more on that later.

I might as well skip to the fun part now. Here's a game that not many know can run on these phones. It's a free download, and was meant for Sony Ericsson devices. It's called Xtract.


Great gameplay and replay value. It doesn't take much to find the download for it, so check it out. If I re-find my old download location I'll post it here.


Anyways, I know this thread won't be posted in that much, but hey, if you have a Qualcomm 7200-series device, post here with your thoughts.


nrdstrm 06-26-10 09:12 PM

Re: Qualcomm 528 mhz CPU-equipped phones (7200 series) thread
Here is a pretty good list of devices that use that processor. Though the Pure is missing from the list (you should add it Rage!), it is essentially the same phone as the Touch Diamond 2....


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