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uOpt 06-28-10 04:40 PM

Blank screen/machine hang with two video cards, one in use
When debugging this problem:

I also had another one: the above configuration, which works fine both for new and old Xorg releases and both for x86_64-256.35 and x86_64-195.36.24-pkg2, will hang the machine when an unused video card is present.

I have a GTK275 in the lowest PCIe slot. When a 7300 is also present, in an upper slot, then starting X11 with either of those drivers will lead to a blank screen, no reaction to keyboard presses and no network reactions. In a word, a hang. The keyboard LEDs are not blinking which would mean it is not a panic but it is also possible that the kernel tries to blink them and X11 has hijacked them already. Removing the 7300 fixes the problem. Xorg -keeptty showed the same behavior, same blank screen, no LED activity.

Xorg.log and config file from when only one card is present are here (same as other thread).

I only have an Xorg.log with both cards when I run Xorg-7.1.1. Apparently that worked better than the new Xorg. The problem is somewhat intermittent, although the new Xorg reliably did this every time today.

uOpt 06-29-10 06:15 PM

Re: Blank screen/machine hang with two video cards, one in use
Just bumping this. The machine in question isn't supposed to be crashed so I can't go debug it more and plan to drop the issue. Unless somebody else sees this and needs it?

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