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powerpenguin 07-23-03 11:11 AM

3D mandrake Driver Problem
OK here are my system specs
intel P4 2.4 Ghz
shuttle MB 533 fsb agp 8x port Via sound onboard and via ethernet onboard
Abit siluro GF4 ti 4200 agp 8x 128 DDR video ram supports twin view FSAA 6x and has 3 outputs

I am using linux mandrake 9.1 I have been fooling around with this card for the last month I have only been using the most recent .run driver Dri is not loaded but GLX is i also changed the "nv" to "nvidia" .
right not the XF86Config-4 file is busted i have tried many things is the card anti-linux or am i doing somthing wrong BTW i have read many previous posts tried lots of the solutions it them but to no good end and my graphics board remains un accelerated i am thinking the siluro boards are no good with linux :confused:
I checked abits site and they don't have any drivers for my

so should i replace my card (for the second time)
or should i buy a diferent card
or are you guys gonna help me???

adcripps 07-24-03 05:45 AM

I'm taking mine back today! If it won't install, it's no use to you.

powerpenguin 08-20-03 02:32 PM

How come no one replies come one Nvidia i thought you had good support or should i send my card back EH???:confused:
mabey i should get an ATI next time so it WORKS
and i will get an ATI if i don't get support soon. :mad:

I have tried Nvidias .run file nearly 10 times and when i set the driver to "nvidia" as i was told to do in the XF86Config file and then the hole rig just chrashes EVERY TIME. Nvidia should not sell chips it can't support

sorry for getting mad

energyman76b 08-20-03 05:36 PM

well, without complete error messages and a list of things you tried, it is not easy to help you.

powerpenguin 08-24-03 10:27 AM

i am just gonna get an ati card every thing i have read tells me they are better

energyman76b 08-24-03 01:34 PM

If you are not able to get the plain easy nvidia installation to a success, what do you think, will happen, if you meet the not so easy ATI-installation?

Without reading and error-messages, you won't find help anywhere.

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