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ElderDruid 07-08-10 10:36 PM

EVGA hydro copper + Thermaltake 2U water cooling system?
I was wondering if anyone has experience with an EVGA Hydro Copper FTW card combined with the Thermaltake CL-W0121 cooling system?

I would like a relatively simple and easy to maintain liquid cooling system that will be dedicated just to the GPU.

Any advice/recommendations would be appreciated.


Amuro 07-09-10 12:48 AM

Re: EVGA hydro copper + Thermaltake 2U water cooling system?
I wouldn't use the Bigwater. It uses an aluminum radiator, and when you mix aluminum and copper in the loop, you run the risk of galvanic corrosion even if you use anti-corrosion additives. Plus I don't think it's up to the task of coping with the heat generated by a GTX 480.

I recommend a custom water cooling setup over any internal all-in-one kits.

XSPC RX240 Extreme Performance Radiator + 2 Yate Loon medium speed fans. The 2x120mm radiator can either be mounted internally or externally using a rad box.

Pump & reservoir + fan/pump controller combo such as the Koolance RP-1000:

Now, all that is left is some tubing and fittings. I recommend 3/8" ID tubing from Tygon , and 6 compression fittings either Bitspower or Koolance:


For coolant, I recommend use only pure distilled water + a silver kill coil such as this:

The above setup works well for cooling one GTX 480 HC FTW, if you want to add another card for SLI, a 3x120mm radiator is recommended.

ElderDruid 07-09-10 07:56 AM

Re: EVGA hydro copper + Thermaltake 2U water cooling system?
Thank you so much for the helpful reply!!

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