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dougs 07-23-03 05:52 PM

NVIDIA OpenGL Extensions
I am trying to use NVIDIA OpenGL extensions on Linux. I have successfully used NV_vertex_program, NV_register_combiners, and other NVIDIA extensions on Windows.

Based on the Linux ABI for OpenGL extensions at opengl.org, it appears that I should call glXGetProcAddress() to get a function pointer to the extension functions. (Similar to wglGetProcAddress() on windows). When I am using a default RedHat 9.0 install with the "nv" driver in XF86Config. The application links and runs fine. Obviously, without the NVIDIA extensions as I would expect.

After I install the NVIDIA drivers with the NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4363.run script and set the driver to "nvidia" in XF86Config, I get the following error when I run the application.

relocation error: undefined symbol: glXGetProcAddress()

If I try and recompile the application, I now get a linker error:

undefined reference to 'glXGetProcAddress()'

since the NVIDIA install changed the OpenGL shared library which does not contain glXGetProcAddress().

Why is glXGetProcAddress() not in the NVIDIA library and what is the proper way to query and use NVIDIA OpenGL extensions on Linux?


Doug Service

Jallen 07-23-03 06:49 PM

Use glXGetProcAddressARB.

dougs 07-24-03 11:47 AM

Problem Solved
I had to define GLX_GLXEXT_LEGACY to make the prototype for glXGetProcAddressARB() visible to the application, otherwise the problem is solved. I am now able to get pointers to all of the NVIDIA OpenGL extensions.


Doug Service

lvcargnini 12-05-05 09:18 PM

Re: NVIDIA OpenGL Extensions
When NVidia will really fix this ?
The year is 2005 almost 2006 and i'm using the driver 7676 with my FBSD 6.0 and ERROR remain the same!!!!!!!! :mad:

zander 12-06-05 12:48 AM

Re: NVIDIA OpenGL Extensions
This is not a NVIDIA bug, glXGetProcAddress() is part of GLX 1.4, which the NVIDIA Linux/UNIX graphics driver doesn't claim to support (nor do I think was GLX 1.4 ever finalized); you should always use glXGetProcAddressARB().

eaburns 01-21-06 03:14 PM

Re: NVIDIA OpenGL Extensions
The driver doesn't support 1.4 maybe, however, why doesn't it install a compatible
header file for glx? I believe in Linux a new glx header file is installed since this problem never has occured for me untill switched to BSD.

zander 01-21-06 03:37 PM

Re: NVIDIA OpenGL Extensions
On FreeBSD, the NVIDIA OpenGL/GLX header files are installed to the documentation directory by default; future NVIDIA Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris graphics driver releases (with the exception of legacy driver releases) will support GLX 1.4 (which was recently finalized).

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