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Destroy 07-16-10 11:38 PM

E.Y.E. - true Dues Ex clone?
This game looks to be better than Human Revolution?!! (nana2)


crainger 07-17-10 01:51 AM

Re: E.Y.E. - true Dues Ex clone?
Don't look as good graphically. But still looks very cool.

When is it coming?

v3rninater 07-17-10 04:24 AM

Re: E.Y.E. - true Dues Ex clone?
I wouldn't say true DX clone, but it's inspired by the game. It's more of a Hellsgate close than anything, I don't know, I do wanna play it.


Destroy 07-17-10 10:28 AM

Re: E.Y.E. - true Dues Ex clone?
I don't think there is a release date so may be a decent wait away.

What worries me is the fact that they are trying to morph the SP with the MP somehow. Sure hope it doesn't muck up the game.

Edit: Just found this info.

E.Y.E's release is delayed to an indeterminate date - we hope before the end of the year - in order to add 3 new chapters, new enemies, new researches and new secondary missions. But before all to balance these new features the best we can.
There are now more than 50 technology researches, 26 artifacts to find and over 120 secondary quests.

Arioch 07-17-10 11:09 AM

Re: E.Y.E. - true Dues Ex clone?
It's a Source engine game so that may be good news for 3D Vision people.

Mr. Hunt 07-17-10 12:59 PM

Re: E.Y.E. - true Dues Ex clone?
Destroy, I am just going to assume you didn't watch the leaked gameplay of the new Deus Ex, because that stomps this E.Y.E. game into the ground, then craps on it. Then feeds it to Narc in a box version because he could never enjoy digital poop.

|MaguS| 07-17-10 01:03 PM

Re: E.Y.E. - true Dues Ex clone?
Looks fun, Not to the level of the new Deus Ex but good overall.

FearMeAll 07-17-10 01:29 PM

Re: E.Y.E. - true Dues Ex clone?
well it's got the techno cyberpunk music...

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