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wheeljack12 07-21-10 10:08 AM

3d vision and nvidia surround gaming thread
could people list what has worked so far with your setups,please.

here is what I got working so far:

-just cause 2
-red faction: guerilla (you have to use the desktop rez as your game rez. It won't allow to change rez within the game)

here is what hardocp also says works with it:
-metro 2033 (for me, I can't read the menus in the game so it unplayable for me)
-stalker: cop (worked for me on 1st try getting to the menus, but when I restarted the game after changing settings, the game screen became a small window)
-splinter cell: conviction (haven't tried it yet)
-batman arkham asylum (haven't tried it yet)

here is the amd list of eyefinity games fyi for those to try:

of that list from amd this is what I also have to try:

-tom clancy's hawx
-fallout 3 (game won't allow multi monitor rez as I have tried this)

wheeljack12 07-22-10 07:24 AM

Re: 3d vision and nvidia surround gaming thread
what I meant was 3d vision surround and nvidia surround gaming thread.

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