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supra 07-26-10 04:54 AM

Windows 7 MBR corruption
Hi all

ive been having a strange problem for the last week. my boot manager/master boot record seems to be corrupting out of the blue.

its only happened twice now but i would shutdown my pc normally and then go to work and then come back from work turn it on and it will post and everything and get up to where windows would normally show the loading progress bar but nothing will show. it will just hang on a black blank screen.

ill need to boot to win7 disc run
bootrec /fixmbr, /fixboot, /rebuildbcd

and it will work again. I'll do that and restart the pc again from within windows to see if its corrupted again and it seems fine.

any ideas? something to do with my ssd possibly?

Van_Dammesque 07-26-10 05:11 AM

Re: Windows 7
Use chkdsk (please double check with your SSD manufacturer to see if you can use it), I would also check to see if there is a firmware update for your SSD too.

Otherwise a clean reinstall might be in order. I'd scan for viruses as well.

supra 07-26-10 05:16 AM

Re: Windows 7
nah sorry ive forgot to say.

id done chkdsk and virus scans its all clean. (i havent had a virus in 10+ years anyway)

ive been using this ssd for about a 2 months now. its not a new one or anything.

six_storm 07-26-10 10:46 AM

Re: Windows 7 MBR corruption
Maybe run a repair with the Windows DVD? I would say that if you could boot up into Windows, just run "sfc /scannow".

Revs 07-26-10 10:59 AM

Re: Windows 7 MBR corruption
Yeah I've used the Windows disk in this situation before and it worked well.

supra 07-26-10 06:45 PM

Re: Windows 7 MBR corruption

Originally Posted by six_storm (Post 2293192)
Maybe run a repair with the Windows DVD? I would say that if you could boot up into Windows, just run "sfc /scannow".

yeah thats wot i do before i do the bootrec commands but it will say windows has detected no problems with windows startup. :(

so ill just go to commandline and do the bootrec fixe anyway and it fixes it.

so odd.

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