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ilukeberry 07-29-10 11:09 AM

GTX 480 freezing

I have a problem... i bought GTX 480 to replace my GTX 285. It ran without a problem for a week after that.. one day my screen went blank and computer rebooted itself.. after that i couldn't login into windows... every time i entered a password at windows login the computer locked up/freeze... The only way to get into windows was via safe mode.

I said to myself okay.. maybe it's something wrong with windows.. so i did full reinstall. After that it worked fine for a few days.. and then this thing happened again. So i pulled out my GTX 480 and putted 8600 GTS into my computer after that computer works fine again.. no freeze/lock up at windows login.

I've tired cmos reset... older nvidia drivers... put gfx in and out of mobo nothing worked. :(

system specs:
Intel i7 920 D0
Asus P6T with lastest BIOS
Crucial Balistix 3x2GB DD3
Inno3D GeForce GTX 480
500GB WD
Corsair 750W PSU.
Windows 7 x64

Time for RMA?

newparad1gm 07-29-10 12:13 PM

Re: GTX 480 freezing
Could be your PSU. A 750W should be plenty to power a GTX 480 though, and Corsair is a good brand. Maybe the PSU is just getting worn out, and the GTX 480 is stressing it to the level where it begins to flake out.

Yaboze 07-29-10 12:29 PM

Re: GTX 480 freezing
Another good way is to try the card in another PC, if possible.

ilukeberry 07-29-10 01:07 PM

Re: GTX 480 freezing
I don't see how psu would be bad... 285 worked without problem... Also at windows login the card doesn't stress psu much. Card worked fine durning gaming. This freeze thing happened durning desktop use and at windows login after I entered password.

Yaboze 07-29-10 01:23 PM

Re: GTX 480 freezing
Maybe Aero initializes after login? I dunno.

Check the fan on it, make sure it's actually moving.

ilukeberry 07-29-10 04:12 PM

Re: GTX 480 freezing
Aero indeed does initializes after login... that's why safe mode works fine because it doesn't initialize any aero thing. Fan is indeed spinning.. no temp issues. If my system doesn't freeze if i use any other card.. then this GTX 480 must be bad.

john19055 08-01-10 10:24 PM

Re: GTX 480 freezing
Are you overclocking the memory or cpu ,if you are try to run it at default and see if it runs fine.If you are not then I don't know .I know the GTX 480 uses more power then a GTX 285,but a corsair 750watt should be plenty to run a GTX 480.

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