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fasedww 07-29-10 04:02 PM

GTX 470@480
BackPlates in stock at evga products page go to graphics then accesories then 3/4 down the page.:D

fasedww 07-29-10 04:44 PM

Re: GTX 470@480
ALL Gone, Whew I just got mine and like 10 minutes later all out.:p

fasedww 07-29-10 05:51 PM

Re: GTX 470@480
Back in Stock Hurry:)

fasedww 07-31-10 08:11 PM

Re: GTX 470@480
Must have alot in stock, they been availble for a day and a half and still, What nobody wants one. I'm getting mine tuesday, and there easy to install.::o

fasedww 08-02-10 04:01 PM

Re: GTX 470@480
Got all three on, took about half hour, Real easy to do.:D

gerardfraser 08-03-10 02:52 AM

Re: GTX 470@480

Originally Posted by fasedww (Post 2296663)
Got all three on, took about half hour, Real easy to do.:D

So whats the temp difference,with all three.

fasedww 08-03-10 07:18 AM

Re: GTX 470@480
I was at 37C on bottom card at idle now it's 36C I going too give it more time for final decision. Looks good too better than seeing the back open.:)

HYBRID 08-03-10 08:03 AM

Re: GTX 470@480
The back plates are more for aesthetics, I purchased one for my GTX480 and it looks nice.

I combined the back plate with the high flow bracket and my idle temps drop about 5c to 6c with the combination, and got similar results on load.
The high flow bracket made the biggest difference dropping the temps 4c when I installed the back plate it dropped another 1c to 2c, again the back plate is more for aesthetics but it made a little difference. The high flow bracket and back plates cost 25.00 in total including freight its a nice little mode.

The card does look nice with the back plate.

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