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gfxdrone 08-04-10 03:37 PM

256.44 cpu / X spike
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Just in case there's something useful in the bug report, I noticed that with 256.44 I got a consistent/persistent /usr/bin/X cpu spike. About 50-95% cpu via htop. Dropping back to 256.35 seems to have resolved the issue.

I watched htop for a while to make sure it wasn't something else, but I'm not completely sold that it was an nvidia bug, could be something else, but here's the bug report in case you see something in it.

The system is an odd Debian Sid but with kde 3.5.9, usually no issues with stable nvidia drivers, but certainly not an ideal test specimen for bug reports.

AaronP 08-05-10 10:22 AM

Re: 256.44 cpu / X spike
What else is running? The X server almost always uses the CPU in response to requests from an X client, so you should figure out what client is sending requests that cause the server to work.

gfxdrone 08-05-10 01:15 PM

Re: 256.44 cpu / X spike
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I'd guess the culprit is firefox, with about 80 tabs. I have a lot of apps open always, many kates, several konquerors, icedove/thunderbird.

I also notice a lesser X use with 256.35, but definitely present, didn't notice it with the 195 series, but I can check that one too.

Since I use sessions, the stuff open is pretty much always the same, barring some differences in open firefox tabs.

I also kill all moving image gifs etc with web dev toolbar, and use yes script. But I don't recall seeing this high an X cpu use with the older drivers.

Here's the 256.35 bug logs.

I'll try the 195 and see if there's a difference.

<sorry, I mixed up the bug report logs>

log.gz is 256.44, log.old.gz is 256.35

gfxdrone 08-05-10 03:59 PM

Re: 256.44 cpu / X spike
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I went back to 195.36.31, same exact session, tabs, etc, X use back to normal, between 2-9% cpu, hovers generally at 2-3% of dual core amd 3800, 2 ghz.

With both 256 drivers, cpu spikes up to between 40 and 95% after the system has been on for a while. I'd say, in technically incorrect terms, that it looks like something is causing a cpu leak.

Actually, better still, with frequency control, x takes about 2-4% of 1000-1800 mghz speed. A definite difference here, I'd say the more extreme firefox tab use, if I were to guess, is not so much the cause, but is exposing something that isn't quite right, probably in the driver, hard to say, but 195. is working exactly as expected, no spikes at all, with the identical desktop and apps etc 256 was running.

I'd call this a bug.

Added bug log for 195 driver, I think one of hte ones I uploaded above is the wrong one, I'll fix it.

g1k 08-07-10 12:27 PM

Re: 256.44 cpu / X spike
X or not X, definitely 256 series have high performance drops comaring to 195.

opensuse 11.3 32 bit, latest kde 4.5 with compiz 8.6 or with kwin:

256 series - all freezes for about 3-5 secs when I try to resize playing smplayer's (with vdpau plugin) movie window , some compiz plugins like shift window switcher behaves slow on complex windows, 1500 fps with glxgears.

195 series - all above problems gone. switching in smplayer(vdpau) from movie to another windows, from fullscreen mode to windowed is instant(with 256 it takes some seconds), windows resizing not instant but fast even of playing smplayers windows, compiz plugins working all w/o glitches, 4500 fps with glxgears.

OliW 08-08-10 06:15 AM

Re: 256.44 cpu / X spike
I've also been getting nasty spikes with the latest driver (256.44). Every so often, for 3-5 minutes at a time, all cores will ramp right up to 90-95% CPU.

It's a powerful computer (i7) so I can carry on doing lower-power things but watching fullscreen video, flash-heavy websites or playing games is completely out of the question.

I should add that these spikes are not limited to X. All the CPU monitors show huge load but none show a single process that could account for it. Even with kenel threads showing, I can't make any sense of it.

I'm going to downgrade to 256.35 and see what I can see. I'm on kernel 2.6.35 and in case it's relevant, I've already posted a thread on this on Ubuntu's StackExchange site:


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