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News 08-05-10 02:40 AM

Mafia II Developer Interview Details The PhysX in The Game
PC Games Hardware has done a really nice and in-depth interview with Denby Grace, senior producer at 2k czech, and asked some really interesting questions on physics, engine and cpu perfomance. Denby goes in-depth to talk about how the PC version of Mafia II and people with an Nvidia PhysX capable GPU will be able to take the game to a whole new level that is not possible with the hardware being used on consoles and ATI Cards.

Mafia II is shaping up to be the new PhysX Showcase. To see the PhysX that has been implemented into the game in action be sure to check out the Official Mafia II Nvidia PhysX Trailer.

From the PC Games Hardware Interview with Mafia 2 developer:
PC Games Hardware: Are there any differences between the Console and the PC Version of Mafia 2 as far as technical as well as visual aspects are concerned, for example GPU accelerated PhysX effects?

Denby Grace: You hit the nail on the head. The biggest difference is the GPU enabled physics effects. While on a system without GPU (consoles and ATI cards), the game will have a great PhysX simulation with particles and cloth, however, if you have the extra hardware we are able to push things to a whole new level which has not yet been seen in open world game before. Our destructible environments feature thousands of physical particles which in turn can be affected by individual explosion force fields to make them move. It's all very impressive and it's these kinds of improvements that high end PC gamers can expect.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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