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Shauny 08-05-10 08:33 AM

Need help picking
Hey I'm new here so hey to everybody!

I'm thinking about buying a new gaming desktop, I was going for a gaming laptop and they were a bit on the expensive side, so a gaming desktop it is

I can't decide between graphics cards, it offers me two cards (as in two in my computer),
the nVidia GTS 250 512MB PCI Express in SLi mode X2
the nVidia 9800 1GB PCI Express in SLi mode X2
the nVidia GTS 250 1GB X2
and finally the nVidia GTX 260 896MB X2

I know a few things about computers, I wouldn't get confused if somebody told me 'my processor has a speed of 2.88GHz' for example. But I'm really not sure about Graphics Cards, I tend to go for the most expensive as that tends to be the best.

The rest of the spec's on the computer are;
AMD Phenom x4 956 Black Edition, 3.40GHz Quad Core 8MB Cache
8GB Crucial PC10600 1333MHz DDR3 Ram
Asus M4N75TD Motherboard

In my mind I think that's a good set-up, and I was hoping you all could help me pick on the graphics card.

Thanks! :)

saturnotaku 08-05-10 08:38 AM

Re: Need help picking
A single GeForce GTX 4xx series card will provide as good to much better performance without the headaches associated with SLI setups.

Shauny 08-05-10 08:53 AM

Re: Need help picking
Those are the only cards it offers me when I customize it :(

ragejg 08-05-10 09:08 AM

Re: Need help picking
You might want to shop elsewhere then. The only really "worth it" card on your list (for today's games) is the GTX 260. The rest of those cards are mismatches for the relative powerful-ness of the rest of the system.

Shauny 08-05-10 09:32 AM

Re: Need help picking
I went for a slightly more expensive base model, now I have the choice of
Two ATI HD5770 1GB
Two Overclocked ATI HD5770 1GB
Two Overclocked ATI HD5830 1GB
Two ATI HD5850 1GB

I understand this is an nVidia thread I'm posting in but still, hoping you guys can still help

ragejg 08-05-10 10:03 AM

Re: Need help picking
Wat are the costs of those on top of the system? That would help ascertain the best deal.

Also, what games do you plan on playing, what resolution is your monitor, and are you familiar with using antialiasing/anisotropic filtering and/or overcloking?

ragejg 08-05-10 10:07 AM

Re: Need help picking
SLI's only really worth it if you're a somewhat hardcore PC gamer who is really aware of any and all eye-candy settings. For example, if you have a 2500x1650 LCD, or if you game @ 1920x1080 but absolutely must have better than 2XAA, and must have a min FPS of 45 rather than the 30 of a single card.

If you want ease of setup and performance that makes sense, for the most part a single card solution is best.

Bearclaw 08-05-10 03:13 PM

Re: Need help picking
I would suggest going with a single card setup. As Rage said, SLi is for power users who ALWAYS notice the SMALLEST details. I have always gone single card solutions and it saves headaches and provides for easy upgrades. I would suggest the GTX 460 for right now. If they don't offer it then shop elsewhere. Also, if you are up to it, build your own. You'll save a bundle if you buy your own parts rather than customizing a machine someone else will build for you.

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