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ian.lucas 08-05-10 08:36 AM

Quadro FX4800 Display Port Issues On Second Screen
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I have just read the thread titled:

intermittent failure to detect both screens on fx4800 with recent drivers

This sounds exactly like an issue I am having.

I have the following configuration:

Dell R5400 workstation, with Quadro FX4800 GPU. Planar stereo monitor SD2620W. The DVI output is connected to the first screen, and the right hand display port is connected through a Dell supplied display port to DVI adapter, through a planar hardware based flip mirror card in the R5400, to the second monitor DVI input.

I can get both screens to appear in the nvidia tool at the required resolution (1920x1400) but frequently do not get the second screen after reboot / repower. Restarting x sometimes clears the issue but often does not.

I have used various drivers and still see the issue. I am using the latest driver currently - NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-256.35.run.

I don't see a hot plug / video input control option on the planar monitor as mentioned in the previous post.

I have looked up Hosiden adapters, but have not found a supplier - could you recommend a part number / distributor?

Attached are the log files off my machine if they are of help.



danix 08-06-10 07:28 PM

Re: Quadro FX4800 Display Port Issues On Second Screen
Hi Ian,

With drivers 195.36.31 and later, the incidence of this problem should be reduced significantly, and the system should no longer get into a state where a monitor connected over a dongle will get "stuck" and restarting X will never bring it back until the monitor is disconnected and reconnected, or the system is rebooted.

How frequently this problem occurs can vary depending on display/dongle combination. I can try to get you contact information for a supplier of Hosiden dongles, or other dongles which should not exhibit this behavior.

I don't think it will necessarily make a difference, but an experiment worth trying might be to connect the real DVI port to the hardware flipping board, and the DP->DVI dongle directly to a display, in case passing through the board affects the timing of hot plug detect cycles or other signals that might affect the operation of DDC on the dongle. If it does happen to help matters, then likely you'll have the left and right images on the wrong monitors; there's an option to reverse this with nvidia-settings, but it needs to be applied every time you start X. (This can be done automatically by putting the appropriate invocation of nvidia-settings in your .xinitrc.)

In the near future, we do plan on allowing explicit configuration of which stereo eye gets displayed on which monitor, so if connecting the dongle directly to a monitor instead of passing it through the flipping card does work around the issue for you, you'll be able to configure X so that stereo is displayed correctly.

ian.lucas 08-09-10 08:02 AM

Re: Quadro FX4800 Display Port Issues On Second Screen

Thanks for the reply.

It does seem that the setup is more stable with the DP-DVI connected to the screen directly.

It would still be preferable for us to use the DVI on our main screen though, so I would find any information on more reliable dongles very useful.

The card seems to default to the DVI, so we see boot-up on the second (upper) screen. I don't suppose there is any way to change this?



danix 08-09-10 03:25 PM

Re: Quadro FX4800 Display Port Issues On Second Screen
Thanks, Ian.

Yes, if displays are plugged into both DVI and DP when the system boots, then by default the VBIOS will POST to the display on the DVI port. I don't think there's an easy way to change this.

I've sent you contact info for Hosiden in a private message; hopefully using different dongles will clear up this issue for you.

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