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hazica 08-07-10 03:44 PM

8600GT external TV only doing 1024x768
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Hi everyone,

I've just installed Fedora and I'm having some issues getting my TV working properly with my computer. Mind you, it works great on Ubuntu, basically out of the box. Here's my setup:

8600GT with 2 DVI outputs.
Monitors/TVs hooked up via VGA (using DVI-VGA Adapters for both)
  • Philips Monitor(1280x1024) - works just fine, produces valid EDID information
  • Samsung LE32B450(1360x768) - works fine in Ubuntu even though it doesn't give any EDID info.

I'm using the proprietary Nvidia drivers on both operating systems.

Now, in Ubuntu I can just select the resolution I want - 1360x768 - from nvidia-settings and everything works just fine (Twinview is what I use here).

In Fedora, things are slightly different: I first enable Twinview, and only get resolutions UP TO 1024x768 for the TV(CRT-1, as it's called). Afterwards I restart X (TV working flawlessly in that resolution) and I get additional resolutions for CRT-1 in nvidia-settings, going up to 1440xSomething, but none of them is the desired 1360x768.

I attempted to use the information from the Xorg.0.log from Ubuntu to create a valid modeline to force down Fedora's throat. But it doesn't even get probed during X's startup, as documented by the Xorg.0.log file. I suspected some foul definitions in my xorg.conf, but the guys in Fedora's IRC support channel didn't find anything wrong with it.

The thing is, if I tell Twinview to use 1360x768 for CRT-1, KDE sees the desktop as beeing 2640x1024 pixels. But there is no output going to the TV (again, as documented by the Xorg.0.log) which stays blank.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thank you.


PS: You can find the appropriately named log and conf files attached to this post. I had to tar the log files, since they exceeded the file size limit.

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