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psa 08-10-10 03:21 AM

The system hangs after turning screen off.
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After 20-60 seconds after wake up from hibernate-ram or turning screen off by DPMS - system completely freezes on my notebook Sony Vaio VPC S11X9R with GeForce 310M (GT218).

This is really for kernels 2.6.34-2.6.35 and drivers NVIDIA-Linux-x86-195.36.31, 256.35, 256.44

My actions:
1. I am bringing the laptop out of hibernate-ram mode
2. I started smplayer with gl(yuv) engine and the system hangs.

Also hovering is possible after reading news program liferea, or browsing with firefox.

However, it is possible that the laptop does not hang (if I do not work with the above applications) - in this case, after a while I can run these applications, but their performance decreases dramatically. If I again use the term hibernate, then the probability of freezing is 100%.

To reboot i use C-M-SysRq-REISUB, combination of C-M-F1 does not work. Can I help you to diagnose this problem more?

psa 08-11-10 05:22 AM

Re: The system hangs after turning screen off.
I found the way to 100% for freezing:
1. closing the notebook lid
2. wait a few seconds (the system does not fall asleep, but the screen turns off)
3. open lid
4. start the video in smplayer.

This eliminates problems with hibernate.

psa 08-11-10 08:48 AM

Re: The system hangs after turning screen off.
I think that the performance drop down after suspend associated with this bug on Core i3, i5, i7 processors.

psa 09-07-10 03:37 AM

Re: The system hangs after turning screen off.
Performance problems after suspend has been solved, but there was a problem with the freeze after opening the lid. This crash does not occur if, prior to closing of the cover, opened a video in smplayer. :thumbdwn:

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