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io-mega+ 08-17-10 07:39 AM

what geforce for flash 10 (agp)

I'm trying to get the best out of a very out machine here, and decided to buy a new geforce card...
The currently installed ati 9800pro isn't supported anymore by catalyst :(
Apart from this the system should be adequate for the next 12 month, as only office, a little bit gimp, skype, mp3 and of course youtube/etc are important.
If an AthlonXP 1800 + 2GB DDR isn't capable anymore of those task, I would be pleased to be enlightened before I buy an Nvidia card.

I found this list of flash supported cards:

The only AGP-GEFORCE-FLASH discussion I found here is:

At the moment the system runs fine with an Geforce 3 Ti 200 :D
Only flash video has poor performance is a problem:

Or maybe I should just switch to windows?

thx a lot

krokodil 08-17-10 07:50 AM

Re: what geforce for flash 10 (agp)
You could try to get a GF6600GT :) the bad thing with the 6600GT is it's noise. The fan starts at 100% and needs to be manually set to 60% to get to a bearable noise level.

I think there is a 7600GS for the AGP bus too but I haven't looked because the 6600GT is a nice card and I'm quite happy with it (wife's computer: e-mail reading, web browsing and tv watching are the main tasks on this pc :)).

Welcome in the computer museum :)

io-mega+ 08-17-10 08:54 AM

Re: what geforce for flash 10 (agp)
thx for the fast reply.

A few minutes ago I purchased a 7600GT for 35.
I hope it will do the job... We'll see.

Thx for the "Welcome in the computer museum"

mooninite 08-17-10 03:26 PM

Re: what geforce for flash 10 (agp)
Are you at least using a 3.5" floppy instead of a 5.25" floppy? It is 2010 and all. :p

thefirstm 08-17-10 06:24 PM

Re: what geforce for flash 10 (agp)
I put a 5.25 floppy drive in one of my computer, just for kicks :P

dk75 08-20-10 12:52 PM

Re: what geforce for flash 10 (agp)
Sorry, but since Adobe FlashPlayer for Linux have no GPU acceleration at all then it is not a mather of GFX card for faster flash playing but a faster CPU.
None gfx card will give you faster flash playing under Linux.


mrn 08-21-10 02:05 AM

Re: what geforce for flash 10 (agp)
9800 isn't supported by the catalyst driver, but it should the support of the open source driver for that card is excelent.

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