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Ancient76 08-23-10 05:14 AM

Geforce GTX 470 drops to €250

Nvidia has decided to put a lot of pressure on Radeon 5000 series. If all goes well in a few months ATI will launch its Radeon 6000 series, and today, in late August, Nvidia decided to drop the price of Geforce GTX 470.

Geforce GTX 470 was doomed ever since Nvidia launched GTX 460 based on a new GF104 chip as the price performance ratio was great. If we go further back, GTX 470 was never a hot seller as the ones who have waited for Fermi always wanted the more expensive and yet faster GTX 480 and GTX 470 was always a second choice card. Today GTX 470 based on old and quite hot GF100 sells for just under €250 for Asus card, while most of these cards still sell for €275. The timing is great as now is the peak of back-to-school shopping spree.

This looks like a new birth for GTX 470 as this 607/ 838MHz clocked card matches the price of Radeon HD 5850 and performance wise it comes close to Radeon HD 5870. If you care about TDP, then Radeon HD 5000 series is still a better choice, but if you want the performance better than 5850 at the same price, this is the card to consider.

ATI still hasn't dropped its price as Radeon HD 5850 sells for some €240 - €250 while Radeon HD 5870 sells for at least €337 and more.

You can get an Asus branded Geforce GTX 470 for €249.90 here.

Bearclaw 08-23-10 07:48 AM

Dammit. I just bought one.

JasonPC 08-23-10 01:04 PM

Re: Geforce GTX 470 drops to €250
How is that any cheaper than what it was? I guess it was more expensive in Europe.

Bearclaw 08-23-10 01:36 PM


Originally Posted by JasonPC (Post 2306573)
How is that any cheaper than what it was? I guess it was more expensive in Europe.

Ya it's the same price for us but the article just makes it sound like I bought the worst card lol. :lol:

JasonPC 08-23-10 06:47 PM

Re: Geforce GTX 470 drops to €250
The only downside of the 470 is the heat really. And it can be dealt with to some extent if you use a custom fan profile. 460 may be a bit cheaper and run cooler but there is no doubt that it is a slower card. It is perfect if you are gaming at say 1680x1050 but if you game higher than that another one in SLI or a higher performance card is really the best option. To me the real loser is the 480 (I know 480 users will disagree). But I think it is just too high heat and power consumption to warrant the performance. Not to mention I think the price is too high. I think they could have lowered it a bit (considering the HD 5870 was already retailing higher than it was supposed to) to put some pressure on AMD and try to rain on their market share gain parade. But I guess nvidia ain't afraid.

Bearclaw 08-23-10 07:10 PM

I went with the 470 because I wanted more than 768/1GB VRAM but didn't want a massive lower draw, and heat. While the hear might be intense on the 470, it won't be near the 480. Also, the power requirements aren't as bad.

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