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eL_PuSHeR 09-05-02 08:58 AM

I give up: WinXP + AGP + ALi
After trying all that I know of, and I am not a newbie, I regret to say I must give up. I installed WinXP Prof. on a friend's computer (ALi Aladdin V chipset) and there is no way to enable AGP texture acceleration as shown when you run DXDIAG. What the heck!!! I have tried everything I know of. Changing bios values, changing AGP drivers, changing detonators (card is a TNT2), etc... I'm really pissed off.

The Baron 09-05-02 03:59 PM


Something like ALICompat mode under Power User.

eL_PuSHeR 09-06-02 07:13 AM


Forgot to mention that I had already tried the EnableALiAGP trick with rivatuner, but to no avail.
It seems this just works for some configs not all.

ToastGodSupreme 09-06-02 11:37 AM

Ok, so this may or may not help...

I have an ASUS TUA266 (ALi® Apollo Pro 5T chipset (M1651T and M1535D+)).

I have a GF2MX.

I have a Celly 900 @1Ghz+ (I forget the exact number, seeing as how I can't achieve the 1.2Ghz with it, I left it at it's most stable and forgotten).

512Mb SDR Crucial

Now did you go to the ALi site and try the AGP drivers (no, not for a video card, but for the controller)? They do help.

Just grab the integrated installer and throw the AGP and IDE miniport drivers in. But do NOT, I repeat, do NOT install the IDE controller drivers separately.

I ****ed around with those badboys for 3 days trying to figure out why I couldn't use them. Each time, my system hive would become corrupted. And ONLY when I used those specific IDE controller drivers.

Umm, lets see, what else... I'm also using DET 30.xx (30.30 is preferred by me, then 30.82).

Have you tried throwing maybe Win2k Pro on it just for testing purposes? See if it's enabled there, or hell, even 98SE.

Well, tell us what you HAVE done... that way I'm not repeating things you've tried.

eL_PuSHeR 09-07-02 05:35 PM

I think I have unearthed the root of this problem. It's some kind of fault of Direct-X 8.1 itself. This is how I discovered it. I manually uninstalled DX8.1 (by brute force) and after ensuring DX8.1 wasn't installed anymore (by running DXDIAG and seeing there was no DX version displayed and all files were missing), I noticed that both 2D acceleration and AGP texturing were now ENABLED, without changing anything new. Only Direct3D was disabled (obvious) because DX wasn't installed at that time. But as soon as I reinstalled DX again, Direct3D was automatically enabled but AGP texturing disabled altogether. So I reckon the problem is some kind of issue/bug of DX8.1 and ALi chipsets that wasn't resolved neither by the newest ALi AGP drivers nor installing Detonator X.XX nor using the 'EnableALiAGP' trick. Now I can only wait for the release of DX 9 hoping it will be better than any DX 8.x which was the worst DX ever for my taste. Both DX 6 and DX 7 worked quite well. Microsoft blew it with the 8 release.

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