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HYBRID 08-24-10 11:27 AM

Single GTX480 or SLI GTX460
Benn toying around with this idea over the last couple of weeks and looking for opinions.

I read a few articles and most are very favorable also the heat and power requirements are excellent.

I can sell my GTX480 I added the back plate and the highflow bracket and I have a buyer at 489.00.
So I can pickup 2 GTX460 for a little SLI love and gain a little more performance less heat and less power draw etc.

So what are you all thoughts. thx in advance.

Revs 08-24-10 11:32 AM

Re: Single GTX480 or SLI GTX460
http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=154070 ;)

HYBRID 08-24-10 11:35 AM

Re: Single GTX480 or SLI GTX460
Got it thx. so Revs got an opinion? :)

jeffmd 08-24-10 12:09 PM

Re: Single GTX480 or SLI GTX460
If I could afford it I would allways go with the single card solution, I still hear of so many headaches trying to SLI games, esp newly released games. Also sli performance increases range from great, to hardly noticeable. 480 should give an increase across the board with no issues. Also if you get more money down the road you can buy another 480.

stncttr908 08-24-10 12:42 PM

Re: Single GTX480 or SLI GTX460
I like the fact I can disable SLI and draw less power with older games or games that don't see much benefit from two cards. After all these years, SLI is finally to a usable state that I'm strongly considering pairing another GTX 460 for my next build. If you have any hesitations about driver support though I'd stick with the 480.

HYBRID 08-24-10 12:53 PM

Re: Single GTX480 or SLI GTX460
BTW it would be the 1gb version am most interested in.

stncttr908 08-24-10 01:12 PM

Re: Single GTX480 or SLI GTX460
Oh yeah, definitely no reason to go for the 768MB.

john19055 08-24-10 03:58 PM

Re: Single GTX480 or SLI GTX460
I would just keep the GTX 480 and not mess with two GTX460's .you will be loseing memory ,going from 1536mb to 1g.Plus you already have the GTX 480 ,if you want faster then save up and go with two GTX 480's .But I can understand wanting some new toys to play with .It just ever once in a while SLI does'nt work with a game and then you would miss that extra power.They both will draw around the same power ,but the SLI GTX 460's will run 12c to 18c cooler and will be more Quiet.

Revs 08-24-10 08:10 PM

Re: Single GTX480 or SLI GTX460

Originally Posted by HYBRID (Post 2307149)
Got it thx. so Revs got an opinion? :)

Not really bud, sorry. I've not been keeping up with the latest cards. I just know the 460 1gb is a great card for the money.

JasonPC 08-29-10 06:18 PM

Re: Single GTX480 or SLI GTX460
The drawback of course is that you limit any future upgrades. You could add another 480 in the future while with SLI 460s what you see is what you get.

Ristogod 08-31-10 01:01 PM

Re: Single GTX480 or SLI GTX460
In my opinion it would be better to stay with the GTX 480.

The only way I'd see changing that is if you were going to go Surround gaming and absolutely couldn't afford a 2nd GTX480.

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