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dairy hick 08-27-10 10:45 AM

2 issues with a GTX460
First, HDMi scaling won't work with my GTX460. Why? (I have the 258 driver.) It's not really a problem since I'm using it with DVI. However, I tried it with an HDTV for a short while, and its quite disturbing that scaling doesn't work with HDMI.

Second, Nvidia's SSAA Tool won't apply SG-SSAA in the 2 OpenGL games I've tried so far. Is SGSSAA only limited to the 465 series and better?

Thanks in advance!

dairy hick 08-31-10 08:52 AM

Re: 2 issues with a GTX460
Looks like i'll have to ask elsewhere.

ragejg 08-31-10 09:30 AM

Re: 2 issues with a GTX460
Hey dairy:

By scaling you're talking about the over/underscan option that actually reduces/enlarges resolution to fit the screen, right? Like with my cheap 720p LCD TV, with an NV card 1280x720 is too large and I'm missing most of my Windows taskbar... so I got to over/underscan in driver settings and end up actually having to reduce the resolution to something like 1190x690, which kinda works but makes it so I can't select some bottom buttons on some tall programs.

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