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News 08-30-10 12:30 PM

GeForce drivers reveal future 400-series cards

ragejg 08-30-10 12:39 PM

Re: GeForce drivers reveal future 400-series cards
Here, News Feed, I'll help you out:


GeForce drivers reveal future 400-series cards
by Cyril Kowaliski — 11:23 AM on August 30, 2010

Well, it looks like AMD isn't the only one to get careless with future GPU names in its drivers. As TechConnect Magazine reports, Nvidia's GeForce 259.47 drivers also betray the existence of quite a few unannounced cards, both desktop and mobile.

Among the leaked model names: GeForce GTS 455 and 450, with GeForce GT 440, 430, and 420 further down in the list on the desktop side. We also see seven mobile parts, including two GTX 400M models and five GT 400M ones. We're looking at 12 products in total, with some duplicate entries.

Nvidia has quite a lot of catching up to on the mobile front in particular, since its only DirectX 11 notebook GPUs right now are the GTX 480M series, which use the same king-sized GPU as their desktop namesakes. AMD, meanwhile, has a top-to-bottom lineup of Mobility Radeon HD 5000-series GPUs out in the market already—and those were announced almost eight months ago.

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