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seqizz 09-01-10 03:18 PM

Using Laptop Monitor on Desktop with Twinview [Solved]
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Hi, recently i've connected LCD panel to my nVidia 9600gt's DVI out, also have a CRT on the other one. Luckily, HDMI is still empty.
(Not exactly same card but i have outputs like this: http://goo.gl/CTwm )
I'm using a controller board for integrating laptop LCD to desktop ( http://goo.gl/Zl1M )
So far i can use the crt and the lcd separately without problems*, but couldn't manage to set both for twinview with a static configuration on xorg.conf. nvidia-settings can't set, now i'm using LCD and taking this message when i want to set crt as twinview :

Failed to set MetaMode (1) 'CRT-0: 1024x768 @1024x768 +1280+0, DFP-0: 1280x800_60.00 @1280x800 +0+0' (Mode 2304x800, id: 50) on X screen 0.

Can anyone help with setting xorg.conf correctly?
That would be a desperate question maybe but, did someone experienced using laptop monitor on desktop?

* even took wtf resolutions on lcd ( http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/3151/oha.png )
[1] Attaching bug report for info. Don't blame me for "Monitor" sections, nvidia can't read them automatically so I've parsed EDID output. :)

seqizz 09-01-10 03:42 PM

Re: Using Laptop Monitor on Desktop with Twinview
Fixed, external board made different device names. Now using CRT-1 and DFP-0. Will write an howto for this i guess. PITA!
But as always, nvidia-drivers rocks! :D

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