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wheeljack12 09-01-10 06:16 PM

bfg users being "helped" by PNY

r2d2d3d4d5 09-07-10 01:52 AM

Re: bfg users being "helped" by PNY
it's probably only me but I had 0/no support at all from PNY when I had a problem (didn't reply to any of my emails/support requests) - I had to send the card back to the retailer in the end - something worth considering if you have a problem with your BFG card.

t3hl33td4rg0n 09-07-10 02:13 AM

Re: bfg users being "helped" by PNY
What a shame, I've always liked BFG. Personally, after a few duds, I will never buy from PNY.

For now, I'll stick with eVGA.

Yaboze 09-07-10 08:38 AM

Re: bfg users being "helped" by PNY
I have been a BFG fan for years, mainly because of their availablilty in the channels I would use to buy hardware. Since their closing and a Microcenter opening near me, I have switched to EVGA for MB and GPU's.

Strangely enough, I have had a BFG GTX 260 die and another was DOA in the box, but was swapped by Microcenter and the card works well to this day.

I still have a working BFG 8800 GTX and GTX 285 in spare boxes. I wasn't too worried because they at least had an RMA program. I just hope they last for a while. They are both still great cards.

nekrosoft13 09-07-10 09:03 AM

Re: bfg users being "helped" by PNY
way to go PNY, this is a plus in my book.

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