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puterguy 07-26-03 09:35 PM

nVidia gets an "F" for Linux support
I am really *pissed* at nVidia. I do not expect them to have perfect Linux support, but they could at a minimum at least respond to and acknowledge the existence of major bugs in their Linux drivers affecting multiple users.

About 6 months ago, I discovered a bug which caused "jaggies" to appear when playing videos at fullscreen on LCD screens.

This bug did not appear in release 3123 but has affected all driver releases since 3123. The bug has been verified in a repeatable fashion by many other users

Over the past 6+ months,
-- I have repeatedly submitted bug reports to nVidia
-- I and many others have kept going a long running thread on this issue in which we have characterized the exact conditions causing the bug(http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/show...pthreadid=6177)
-- I have sent Andy Meechem multiple PMs asking him for some response on this issue.

Again, not only has nVidia not fixed the bug, they have not even acknowledged its existence or responded to any of the bug reports. Why does it take 6+ months to get even a simple reply such as "we know this is a problem and we are (or are not) going to be addressing it". Simple courtesy would indicate that such reports deserve at least a form letter response.

What is going on here?

netarchy 07-26-03 11:40 PM

Could you provide a screenshot to clarify exactly what is suddenly experiencing 'jaggies' ?
I use a flatpanel lcd screen myself with the 4363 drivers and i have not seen what you are describing (perhaps I am looking in the wrong place)

puterguy 07-27-03 04:19 AM

To get the "bug", you need to be using DVI (digital) inputs to the LCD screen. Also, you need to have the refresh set at a speed higher than 60Hz.

The "jaggies" (which are impossible to miss since they make the whole screen fuzzy) then occurs if you try to watch a video at fullscreen. I think if you read through the original thread you will get a sense of what works and what doesn't.

Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot available since I am not near my Linux pc now :)

netarchy 07-27-03 04:26 AM

hrmm, I must be an exception, I am using the dvi port, and i dont see any problems running video full screen (I am guessing you mean video like mpegs and avis and the like). Note I was using Xine and Mplayer to test.

puterguy 07-27-03 04:35 AM

Then you are lucky :)
Maybe you have your refresh set at 60Hz?
Maybe you are using one of the X-geometries that doesn't get jaggies? (early in the thread I tried various geometries on my screen and found that some didn't cause any jaggy problem)
Maybe you are using X11 scaling and not XV scaling? (or was it vica-versa?)
Maybe we have different cards and the problem only occurs on some cards?

Lots of possibilities... all that I know is about 20 people or so have reported this problem in the course of the thread I originated and nVidia has failed to respond at all.

ecarter 07-27-03 04:46 AM


Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot available since I am not near my Linux pc now :)
Well, you want to go get a screenshot before you start handing out grades?

puterguy 07-27-03 10:22 AM

Not sure why screenshot is relevant to grades.
If you look at the original thread, the effect is diagrammed (in ASCII pictures) and described quite clearly.

No one else has had trouble understanding the problem during the past 6+ months that the thread has been running.

Now, if nVidia had responded with even a simple email saying "please send us screenshot since your description and ASCII diagram is hard to follow" then I wouldn't be giving them an "F", would I?

netarchy 07-27-03 08:20 PM

I can understand your qualms. Though it sounds to me (so far) that it is more of a player/codec issue as opposed to a driver issue.
Have you tried making sure you have all the latest codecs for your playback software, and the latest versions of the playback software itself? (Note: I recommend compiling yourself versus using premade rpm packages)

And just to answer your previous question towards me, I am using a GeForce FX 5900 on a 17" lcd @ 75hz 24bpp

edit: oh yea, and I have tried fullscreening with both the X11 and XV extensions in Mplayer/Xine with no problems.

though, I DID notice some video errors with renderaccel turned on in my xconfig, perhaps this might be causing your problems?

puterguy 07-27-03 08:52 PM

Thanks for your suggestions.
RenderAccel is off

Also, I doubt it is a player or codec issue since those of us who have experienced the problem have found it to occur across multiple players (e.g., Ogle, Mplayer, Xine) and across multiple file formats (and hence codecs) e.g, divx, dvd, avi, mpeg.

My sense is that probably not everyone is affected since people like you seem to be doing fine.

On the other hand enough people have beed affected across a diverse set of hardware that it would be appropriate to at least get an acknowledgement response from nVidia.

Given the documentation and specificity around what triggers the behavior, it shouldn't be very hard for an nVidia engineer to quickly identify the source (though perhaps not the solution) to the problem. Also, I am sure that with a little guidance, many of us would be more than willing to help further troubleshoot and test solutions.

I am not asking that nVidia go out of its way to devote hours and hours of time to fix the problem. I am just saying that if they claim to provide even a minimal amount of Linux support to those of us who spent $250+ on nVidia hardware, then the least they could do is to respond to repeated emails, pms, and postings!

Hence, my grade of "F" for responsiveness still stands.

netarchy 07-27-03 10:07 PM

Oh, don't get me wrong, I can understand your beef totally ;) I was just trying to help troubleshoot the problem a little bit.

edit: Also, are you using the latest Xfree86? which patchlevel? etc, since the XV and X11/shm drivers are part of xfree86, perhaps there is a conflict with those base libs.

Andy Mecham 07-28-03 02:02 PM

I have responded to you several times about this. I've not been able to reproduce your issue, and have asked for more info. Perhaps I had the wrong e-mail?

Obviously, there's been a breakdown in communication somewhere - that's not suprising, as i've been extremely swamped and I can only browse the forums on my spare time. :)

Please PM me again, and we'll take it from there. I'm sorry that you've become so frustrated over this.


puterguy 07-28-03 10:31 PM

Thanks Andy!!!
I appreciate your responding.

I will PM you with my email address -- I am not sure why I never received your replies since I regularly get pm's from other users and emails from the site itself (therefore I know the system has the right email address).

We still might want to conduct some of the troubleshooting more publicly on the thread rather than just through PMs so that others can help participate.

Let's hope we can get this fixed quick!

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