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NeoGeo 07-29-02 04:17 PM

CD-RW Overclocking :D
I've been investigating in the ability to update the firmware on CD-RW drives, and i took a bit of a risk by updating the firmware from the 40x one to the 48x one on my new Lite-On.. and it works fine :eek:

amazing money saving, considering the 48x was almost twice the cost!! They are the same drive just with different firmware.... unbeliveable!

Apparently all Lite-On drives have the ability to be overclocked... and many other drives do too...

PCarr78 07-29-02 05:21 PM

where one find a list of OCable cdrw...

i have a plextor 12x that's getting a little slow.

NeoGeo 07-29-02 05:26 PM

check out






they should all be of some help :)

PCarr78 07-29-02 05:32 PM


Originally posted by NeoGeo
check out






they should all be of some help :)


NeoGeo 07-29-02 05:35 PM

also for a bit more help.. heres a site that will provide you with the software to force flash the drive!! :D


thats a Lite-On based page, but has the the flasher software for any cd-rw drive, and information on how to do it.. you just need to track down a compatible .bin, or even .exe, and convert that other with the tool on that site also!!

|JuiceZ| 07-29-02 05:41 PM

o'cing yer cdrw drive? Thats a new one, too bad I can't o'c mine to read dvd-roms :D

NeoGeo 07-29-02 05:45 PM

lol well that would be a change in technology... as the technology used is no different, flashing upto a different firmware usually gives u more modern drive advantages :) and as the 32-48x lite on burners are made on the same production line, they all work the same! just with different firmware editions... stupid i know!

LTech221 07-29-02 07:56 PM

Depends on Lite-On's i read you need to look @ the letters and numbering scheme, like my 32X12x40 32123S isn't "upgradeable" to more modern features like Mt. Rainer support but I am able to flash it to 40x+, sounds like a good deal considering i go the drive for $50 retail :D .

NeoGeo 07-29-02 07:59 PM

i dont suppose you know if the 16x and 24x lite on drives flash up to 32 - 40 ish? I have those drives in other systems and id love to be the king of CD-RW overclocking :D

|JuiceZ| 07-29-02 08:07 PM

heh sho'nuff! Actually the lite-on series of cdrw drives surprised a lot of ppl with their quality/price, I even seen some benchies of their 32x/40x drive's beating the likes of TDK & even the almighty plextor. Thats excellent for a 'lil known company as they are.

NeoGeo 07-29-02 08:10 PM

lite on are huge in the UK! Every computer shop markets the lite ons around here as the best and the most elite! lol.... Since their 12x model theyve been big, and now they dominate the UK market, or at least southern england including london!

PsychoSy 07-30-02 03:38 AM

It's not overclocking the CD drive at all.

Many companies will use rebadged parts over a series of models and they'll put firmware on them to govern their speed. For example, when HP released their 8250 drives, the first batch of drives were basically Phillips drives with a different face plate and firmware. But these drives were prone to failure, which caused HP and Phillips to enter into a legal battle.

In the meantime, HP went ahead and continued releasing the 8250 drives but instead of using the Phillips internals, they went ahead and used the exact same internals from their 9100 models - which were nothing more than rebadged Sony CRX-140 E drives (8x4x32). To match the specs of the 8250, HP installed firmware that governed the speed down to 4x4x32.

In other words, anyone that bought an HP 8250 drive around March/April of 2000 were basically getting an HP 9100 with scaled down firmware.

But HP screwed up. Not only did this firmware act as a governor, but it also disabled the PnP ID chip on the drive, a chip that identified the drive as an "HP CDWriter 9100+" - the true nature of the beast! :D That way, when the PnP BIOS detected devices, it had to poll the firmware of the 8250 instead, and that firmware would display "HP CD Writer___8250i". So, in essence, the 8250 was more than capable of 8x4x32, but the firmware HP installed governed it down to 4x4x32.

Some gutzy people on Usenet tried an experiment - they compared their respective HP 8250 drives using their original box and other credentials and found some consistancy in knowing that all their drives were exactly the same and were really close to the model numbers of the 9100. They went to HPs website and grabbed the latest firmware update for their 8250 drives and also grabbed the firmware for the 9100, as well.

While flashing the drive with the 8250's update, they'd power off their machine mid-way through, purposefully corrupting the firmware and rendering their drives useless. The typical green lights on the faceplate turned red, indicating a serious error - the firmware was toast...and the PnP ID chip was now enabled. :)

When their motherboard BIOS called for the PnP devices during POST, they saw the drive being identified as, "HP CD Writer 9100+" instead of an 8250. That paved the way for them to use the 9100 firmware update to get their 8250 drives back in working order...and with the bonus of an extra 4x for FREE, but at the cost of their warranty with HP, of course! :p :D

Usenet exploded. Tons of people looked at the credentials to see if their 8250s were internally identical with the 9100/Sony CRX-140-E drives and, if they determined that to be the case, they went on a flashing spree turning their 8250s into 9100 (keep in mind that, in March of 2000, the 8250 was selling for $149 while the 9100s were $299).

I was one of those people. :D

And my "hacked" HP 8250 is going strong today, although it is awfully long in the tooth compared to the 40x TDK VeloCD I saw at Wal-Mart for $109 a week ago!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

So, technically, it isn't overclocking - it's just firmware hacking. :p

Many CD-RW drives on the market today are just rebadged Ricohs, Sonys, and Plextors, etc., with governing firmware that lowers their speeds down from their REAL internal specs. HP, however, put a stop to the firmware hacking on the 8250 by using different internals by July of 2000, making it pretty difficult to find the March/April models. I think these drives were labeled as HP 8290s.

Edit: Most LG drives are actually re-badged Ricoh drives without some features and with a "governor" on the firmware. :D

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