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japgar07 09-20-10 12:57 PM

Unimpressed with EVGA GTX 465 SC
First post here.

Upgraded from a 8800GTX (died recently) to an EVGA GTX 465 about a week ago and I have been unimpressed with the performance difference. I even have it O/C'd to about 720(core)/900(mem) and games don't feel significantly faster than before. Thought it may be driver issues so I used driver sweeper with the new 260's beta drivers to no avail. My system is relatively old and may be causing this discrepancy, possibly from a cpu bottle neck. E6600 Core 2 duo @ 3.4ghz with 2GB ram. I've been playing mostly SC2 and BF2.

Is going from an 8800gtx to the GTX 465 a moderate difference in performance and my experiences should be expected or is something wrong with my system, ie driver issue or need for a new system?

I do run windows 7 64 if that helps anyone.

Suggestions appreciated. Thanks,

mojoman0 09-20-10 01:13 PM

Re: Unimpressed with EVGA GTX 465 SC
Well I'd say its the games you play. The 8800gtx should have had absolutely no trouble powering through BF2 as my old 6800gt could max it out and SC2, being a modern RTS requires a beefy cpu, so you are being bottlenecked on that front. You should see the most improvements in modern shooters bar BFBC2 and GTAIV as they are cpu hogs

Madpistol 09-20-10 03:29 PM

Re: Unimpressed with EVGA GTX 465 SC
Your CPU is the culprit. You need a higher powered Quad Core CPU.

japgar07 09-20-10 03:53 PM

Re: Unimpressed with EVGA GTX 465 SC
Thanks a bunch. I figured that was the issue, just wanted to double check before pulling the trigger on an upgrade.

musman 09-20-10 04:46 PM

Re: Unimpressed with EVGA GTX 465 SC
Yea, I had the same problem. Good GPU but soooooooowwwww CPU. Before I knew much about gaming computers I upgraded my GPU and was disappointed with the performance upgrade. Then, with the help from people on this forum I was told to get a new CPU. I ended up building a whole new computer and now I'm a happy camper :)

jeffmd 09-21-10 07:25 AM

Re: Unimpressed with EVGA GTX 465 SC
Japq, yea I have the Q6600 and the 460 is a stepping stone upgrade above my 8800 ultra, it dosn't blow me away by any means. I won't be able to max it out until I get around to updating my mobo and cpu.

jeffmd 09-21-10 02:27 PM

Re: Unimpressed with EVGA GTX 465 SC
Yea so I finally re installed crysis. There is a really big difference in this game. On my 8800 ultra with all the eye candy on in dx10, I could only achieve playable frame rates at 1280x720. I usually ran in that resolution with AA2 (Had to turn off in the snow levels because it droped the frame rate like a rock for some reason). Even then some areas and many cut scenes had low framage. Now with the 460, 1680x1050 is smooth as butter (without AA, maybe I'll run with it later but I more enjoy a higher frame rate then having aa on). I actually notice the pop in of some objects on the ground now that its so smooth. ^^

japgar07 10-21-10 10:29 AM

Re: Unimpressed with EVGA GTX 465 SC
Well, just upgraded to

i7 930 (running @ stock for now)
Asus Rampage III Formula
Mushkin 2x3 PC1600 CL6
Proimatech Megahalems Rev. B

I did a fresh install of win 7 64, left bios on default, updated to WHQL 260.89 drivers and booted up SC2 and really don't see much of a difference from last computer. I do have settings maxed and res set to 1920x1280 and get drops in the 15s and 20s during pretty moderate action sequences. I wish there were a standard benchmark for SC2 to do a proper comparison. Either way, I am a little disappointed in the "perceived" difference with my new system and the GTX 465 compared to my old 8800GTX and C2D.

Anyone notice a difference with HT off? I am planning on overclocking this to hopefully around 4ghz. Maybe that will help?

StoNer 10-24-10 01:44 AM

Re: Unimpressed with EVGA GTX 465 SC
SC2 is a CPU rapist. I use Wolfs fast minerals 300 build limit map, with an 8 player AI free-for-all to benchmark the game. So far it can lag up my system into the 20s when everyone is battling it out. My dads system performs slightly better but still gets the low frames when the heavy math is going on. He's on a X6 1055t @3.5 and a HD5830.

You should see how high you can get that i7. Although even at stock speeds on both your CPU/GPU your performance should be fine for most League games.

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