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nekrosoft13 09-23-10 10:04 AM

Official F1 2010 Thread
The Official F1 2010 thread, now discuss, post screens shots ;)

ViN86 09-23-10 12:37 PM

Re: Official F1 2010 Thread
Stickied. Let me know what you think of it slawter.

newparad1gm 09-23-10 03:07 PM

Re: Official F1 2010 Thread
So far so good, I aired some of my issues with the presentation of the game in the other thread for this, but the actual driving itself has been fun. I've been playing on Hard with a few of the sliders customized, but I'm sure it would be alot more fun with a wheel rather than a 360 controller. Unfortunately, its a bit buggy in triple wide resolutions, with lots of texture flickering and clipped polygons which go away when set to a standard resolution, which is disappointing because DiRT2 was so good in at 5760x1080. 3D Vision for this is gimped as well, so for now I'm just playing on my 42" HDTV instead.

Roliath 09-23-10 06:37 PM

Re: Official F1 2010 Thread
I was waiting for your review on this.
Thanks slaWter!

sammy sung 09-23-10 08:56 PM

Re: Official F1 2010 Thread
Sounds and looks good,it behaves weird though and pauses/stops here and there wich is horrible when you are right behind someone.Started a career with lotus on hard difficulty,i don't have a wheel atm so i use a xbox pc pad.Qualified at 18th (goal was 20th) and got a good start and had a good race,gained some positions from passes and others pitting,beat my team-mate's (trulli) laptime with 2 sec and then pitted for the harder tires.Cought chandok and tried passing him when the game froze for a brief moment and when it unfroze i ran into him,broke my front wing and also got a drive-through penalty :thumbdwn:

Up to that point i had a lot of fun but if these small hiccups keeps happening i don't think ill play it much,it's such a pain in the ass having to start the race again because the game bugs out.Running it with 4xmsaa 1650x1080 with all ingame settings at full,runs great apart from the sudden hitching.

|MaguS| 09-23-10 08:59 PM

Re: Official F1 2010 Thread
Reviews are saying Sony handled the license better then Codemasters. :p

Blade 09-24-10 04:54 AM

Re: Official F1 2010 Thread
It's fookin Dirt 2 F1 style, bs overhyped console ****e again.....

MaXThReAT 09-24-10 05:48 AM

Re: Official F1 2010 Thread
This isn't looking good and I haven't really been happy with Codecrappers since CMR2004.
Dirt was okay but I think I'll take a big pass on this one and save $40 bucks, put it towards an iRacing account.

JohnDio 09-24-10 06:13 AM

Re: Official F1 2010 Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter (Post 2322932)
This game feels so scripted :(

-corner exit: 2nd gear easy. 1st gear results in a spin just after
touching the pedal.

Here is something funnier. Corner exit with 2nd gear and full throttle and the car didn't slide. Now in the same corner after one round, i had 4th gear and the car spin by slightly touching the pedal (weather was the same). This is the most annoying thing in F1 2010 for me and was present in Shift too.

Crow_Nest 09-24-10 02:17 PM

Re: Official F1 2010 Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter (Post 2323205)
First mods are out:


Give it some time and this will turn into a decent game.
All we need is better FFB, no head bobbing and good wheel/pedal pre-sets. And of course a complete physics overhaul :p

Thats good to know. I was disappointed when they announced there will be no modding tools released for the game. I guess they want us to buy future DLCs if any.

Now i just hope someone will mod the game to make the handling more realistic. Its TOOOOOO easy to drive as compared to the last great F1 game which was F1 Challenge.

FlakMagnet 09-25-10 04:17 AM

Re: Official F1 2010 Thread
Wow! A lot of hate for this game here :(

I'm really enjoying the game, but am not an expert. I have to play on easy at the moment as medium is too difficult for me. I also play with Automatic gears as I can't drive very well with manual.

So maybe doing those things means I don't see the scripted corners issue that Slawter reported.

If you are not a sim fan, but someone who enjoys a 'bit of a drive' then I think you'll enjoy this game. I also enjoyed GRiD and still enjoy DiRT2 very much.

I know F1 2010 is not a true sim, but that's good for me as I'm just not good enough for that :)

NuBee 09-25-10 04:36 AM

Re: Official F1 2010 Thread

It's fookin Dirt 2 F1 style...
Well, I wish it would have been like that, but it's not! I mean the presentation, the graphics, the atmosphere. It's a lot of detail there but the light ist not even near Dirt 2. Sunny doesn't look sunny at all, looks more like cloudy weather. The yellowish tone from GRID is there again. So again we need talented modder to make this game look like it should be. Compared to my system, do I really need a GTX480 to have better weather graphics? In my oppinion was the atmosphear, the light in Dirt 2 almost perfect. The only thing that looks good is the rainy weather. Maybe Dirt 3 will be better.
So please modders, do something about it.

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