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Iron1384 09-05-02 03:34 PM

WD 80Gb Special Edition
I've been looking to replace my P.O.S. 20 Gb generic hard drive with something better, like the Western Digital 80 Gb Special Edition with 8 mb cache. I saw someone post that he had two of these drives die on him. Anyone have any idea if these drives are trustworty? I'm willing to look at other brands, but I really like the speed the Special Edition drives are said to offer.

netviper13 09-05-02 04:05 PM

Drives die sometimes, it happens with every manufacturer. The Western Digital drives don't have nearly the failure rate of the IBM drives, so you should be fine going with one. All of the reviews I've read have been positive.

Essense 09-06-02 05:11 AM

It was me that had them fail. I had a 100 GB Special edition fail in 3 months, then did a RMA, witch was a horrible experiance btw, took them over a month to send me a new (reconditioned drive). When I got the drive it failed in 2 weeks.

Before that I had 2 IBM drives fail on me. Im now using a Maxtor DX740 drive. Im just not lucky with hard drives. Western Digital's RMA process was less then great. However they do indeed have the fastest IDE hard drive avilible right now. And I could have just been really unlucky.

I don't know if I'd personally buy WD or IBM again if there was a good alternative.

That said, others do seem to being doing well with them, and I beleive the 80GB is on sale at Newegg.com for 106$ with free shipping.

About the hard drive getting positive reviews, so did the IBM DeathStars, reviews can only test performance not reliability.


P.S The special on newegg is a weekly special and will end soon. If you want the drive buy it now.

Tactics 09-06-02 01:16 PM


That said, others do seem to being doing well with them, and I beleive the 80GB is on sale at Newegg.com for 106$ with free shipping.
That is true. I just got mine in the mail last week. :cool:

Chiles4 09-06-02 01:56 PM

You should be fine with the WD drives. You can find posts about any drive dying on someone.

they do indeed have the fastest IDE hard drive avilible right now.
Actually, every review I've read comparing the "8MB" WD with the IBM 120GXP said that each one had a similar share of victories when benchmarked. The conclusion was always that the IBM was better in the desktop environment as it handled smaller files better but that the WD was better in a server environment or used for work involving very large files.

I apparently side-stepped the 75GXP problem (never had one die on me) so I continued with the 60GXP and 120GXP series and have never had one of those die either. Maybe I'm just lucky with HDDs.

Essense 09-06-02 02:59 PM

Hehe do you work for IBM? I don't see how anyone would buy one now, especially after the annoucment they made with a recomended usage of only 8 hours per day. I use my hard drive like 15 hours a day.


Typedef Enum 09-06-02 08:37 PM

I have a pair of the 120GB Special Editions, and they have been utterly awesome since purchasing them some 6 weeks ago or so.

Of course, reliability is an unknown thing here, given the short timeframe...But I did a fair amount of research beforehand, and don't recall that being a serious issue with this type of drive.

druga runda 09-07-02 06:32 PM

I have got the 80 GB (800JB) one, and it works great for 4 months or so already.

Furthermore those 8MB drives are usual 80GB drives (800BB- I think) just with much larger cache which makes them so fast. And the other drives were on the market for a while already so they should be OK.

Mojo 09-09-02 01:02 PM

im using the 80GB Special Ed. here, no problems yet (mind you, ive only had it for a week or two :rolleyes: )

I only got it cos i heard good things about em (including reliability) after having used an IBM 60GXP for the last year and having it die and corrupt everything every 2-3 months :mad:


randsom 09-10-02 08:53 AM

theres always seagate i love my 80 gig barracuda 4, fast and completly silent

Chiles4 09-10-02 05:45 PM


Hehe do you work for IBM?
No, I just take alot of what I hear on the net with a grain of salt.

NeoGeo 09-12-02 02:22 PM

my new 80GB Special Edition rocks, not a problem.. yet... touch wood :)

its def quick n quiet tho...

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