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Albo 09-25-10 01:22 PM

MySQL Question
Alright, this might sound stupid, but I'm not that skilled in MySQL. I run a website for my clan, and it has vBulletin installed on it. The hosting we use, allows us only 1 mySQL database, so I have set it up with that one. Let's call it albo_1

Now, the ranking system that we use on the servers uses another mysql database, which the clan owner has on his PC. We wanted to link them, so that the servers go to the site, and not his PC, so he could lower his bandwidth so the servers are faster. Would it be possible to have both things in the albo_1?

Or are we forced to either upgrade to more databases, or he keep it on his PC?

pross 09-25-10 01:57 PM

Re: MySQL Question
you can have more than one, vb will install all its tables with a prefix, libe vb_users vb_settings etc etc, you would have been asked during setup if you want the default, the idea is you can install many instances all with different prefixes get it? and it helps with backups etc

anyway just install your 2nd software using the same db but with a different prefix.. make sure you backup 1st incase it deletes before it installs, but if its any good it would warn you 1st...good luck!

ViN86 09-28-10 11:43 AM

Re: MySQL Question
Yea as long as the tables aren't the same, it should be able to use the same database. People usually use 2 databases though just to keep thing separated and neat. But it is possible

I don't know anything about the vBulletin structure so I can't comment on how to do it.

Bman212121 09-28-10 02:05 PM

Re: MySQL Question
Kind of like what pross said. You shouldn't have any issues putting the ranking database into the same database as the vbulletin database since the tables will use different names. You can use a DB editor like HeidiSQL or navicat lite to see the names of the tables in your databases. If some of the tables are the same, then you would need to use prefixes like vb_table or rank_table to differentiate between the two programs. From what Pross said it sounds like the default for VB is to add prefixes anyway.

Albo 09-28-10 06:29 PM

Re: MySQL Question
Sweet, thanks. :)

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