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Fackamato 09-27-10 12:26 PM

nvidia MCP79/ION SATA port multipler?

Does the nvidia Ion (MCP79) support SATA port multipliers? Like this one: http://www.span.com/product_info.php...ducts_id=22267

5x SATA DEVICE - 1x Multiplier-x5 port (eSATA) SiI3726 - PCI Backplate


eSATA Port Multiplier 1:5 Bridgeboard
Silicon Image 3726 Chipset : SiI3726

eSATA Port Multiplier Bridgeboard is designed to provide a high-performance link between a single eSATA Host Port and 5 SATA device ports, which supports Host and device link rates of 1.5 Gbps and 3 Gbps with auto-negotiation, giving end users the flexibility to choose 1.5 Gbps or 3 Gbps SATA hard drives.

This is ideal for re-using any old computer case for external storage.
You can connect up to 5 hard drives via a single eSATA cable, to any eSATA Card which supports Port-Multiplier

Fackamato 09-28-10 03:37 PM

Re: nvidia MCP79/ION SATA port multipler?
I'd like to know because I need more SATA ports in my Atom+Ion system (ASUS AT3N7A). Basically, does the eSATA-port on the board support this Silicon Image thingy?

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