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clayp 09-27-10 03:07 PM

Best driver?
For a NV-GTX295 on WIN-7X64?

Elvin Presler 09-27-10 03:56 PM

Re: Best driver?
Personally, I like 186.18. It seems to have the least problems and fixed aspect ratio scaling works best for me, though I do have to add a couple custom resolutions like 1440x900 and 1400x1050. Most of the newer ones completely break fixed aspect ratio for me and all I can get is a stretched screen when not in 16:10.

That said, for newer ones, the 258.96 set seems to work well too, but the 260 beta breaks scaling completely.

I have a single card and don't use the stereoscopic 3d or whatever.

Yaboze 09-28-10 08:13 AM

Re: Best driver?
I used 186.18 for a long time before I got a GTX 480, now I use the 258.96's and they seem OK. The card I had before was a GTX 285.

Viventis 10-13-10 04:37 PM

Re: Best driver?
I tried the 186.18 driver but it created explosion artifacts playing BFBC2. I am now trying the 197.57 Beta, the last driver before the 260 drivers came out. Can anyone tell me that last driver that had no support for the 400 series cards? I think sveral sets before the 256 drivers had support fot the 400 series cards.

i SPY 10-13-10 07:10 PM

Re: Best driver?
try 197.45, i've seen a few that said they're the best 295gtx atm.

You can also try 3d vison driver that came with 1.34 cd; its 259.32, it was the fastest from all 25x.xx series in win7 64bit..

btw, 400 series started with 197.41

RAMChYLD 11-01-10 09:52 PM

Re: Best driver?
After what I've experienced, I'd avoid anything newer than 197.45 if using a 200 series card.

gstanford 11-05-10 08:35 PM

Re: Best driver?
Why, what have you experienced?

I've got 2 GTX280's in SLI and a GT240 as PhysX on win7 64 bit and wild horses stampeding could not convince me to go back to 197.45 from 260.99

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