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seeker 10-02-10 10:49 PM

GTX/GTS 460 For BD
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I can't be too specific, because I'm uncertain as to how to best solve my problem. I just got a new LG Blu Ray Combo drive, but am unable to play a Blue Ray movie...it only displays a black screen. I ran the Cyberlink BD Advisor, and it gave the screenshots below. Since I'm not currently interested or able to deal with 3D, I suspect that the primary problem is shown on the first screenshot, being that I'm lacking HDCP with my old BFG 7800GT, even though the specs that I have found for it says that it is HDCP okay.

I only have a DVI to DVI connection, because my Acer X233H monitor doesn't work with a DVI to HDMI cable, and the graphics card doesn't have a HDMI connector.

I'm probably wrong, but it seems that I vaguely recall discussions in the past, regarding some kind of regedit to cause it to work okay, but that may have only been for sound purposes, rather than HDCP.

If there is no way to may my old video card work, I intend to replace it with a new card with HDMI on it, such as those mentioned in the thread title, and would like any suggestions that would help me to decide which to get. I understand that the GTX would be better for gaming purposes, but that really isn't a factor for me. Would the GTS do as well for BD performance?

JasonPC 10-02-10 11:17 PM

Re: GTX/GTS 460 For BD
I assume you mean the GTS 450 and GTX 460. They are both fine for BD playback. For a 460 you might need to be concerned about power consumption. A 450 only needs one 6-pin PEG connector while the 460 requires two. Both are significantly faster than the 7800. I think there are ways around HDCP, but it requires using another program than PowerDVD (AnyDVDHD I think). I believe cards around the era of the 7800 were pretty flaky about HDCP even if some claimed they supported it, I suspect because the technology was very new at the time. A DVI connection also should work fine for playing HDCP content.

seeker 10-02-10 11:34 PM

Re: GTX/GTS 460 For BD
Correct, regarding the typo. I haven't tried AnyDVDHD, but I did try one other software program, without any improvement, but I'll give that one a shot.

Going back to the GTS/GTX portion, there is about $30 difference in price between them, which I would spend, if I thought it might help on this, or something else down the road. Power shouldn't be an issue, but would the 460 stand out in a fashion that a basic user such as myself would notice?

JasonPC 10-02-10 11:44 PM

Re: GTX/GTS 460 For BD
The 460 is a pretty good value for not much extra cash. But you do have to consider that with both cards you're going to be very CPU limited. But if you plan on upgrading your CPU eventually, you'll see the best performance out of the 460. If you don't really plan on upgrading the CPU I'd say stick with the 450.

seeker 10-03-10 02:16 AM

Re: GTX/GTS 460 For BD
I will probably upgrade the CPU, but not very soon, because that would require a CPU, motherboard & ram bundle, which I would prefer not to pay the price for at the moment. However limited the 460 might be, I assume that it would still outperform the old 7800.

I installed the trial for AnyDVD a bit ago, and I was somewhat confused, because it seemed to only work as a backend for WinDVD, rather than it's own player. I also tried using PowerDVD again, but it still displays the same error window as before.

I doubt that I will buy AnyDVD, because it's pretty expensive in itself and has to be relicensed periodically. I would prefer to only pay once by upgrading the video card instead.

The only other alternative would be if there is some other software that would accomplish what AnyDVD did, only at a cheaper price?

wheeljack12 10-03-10 02:51 AM

Re: GTX/GTS 460 For BD
the only other software out there for bd playback that is comparable is arcsoft's truetheatre. But with arcsoft, you have to buy the simhd pack, then if you ever go 3d, the sim3d pack. If all you are concerned with is bd playback, stick with powerdvd. They gave users 3d playback of bd and dvd for free in the mark 2 powerdvd 10 patch. And it already upscales dvd's to hd afaik. As for graphics, if you are just interested in bd playback then gts 450 will be fine. If you are gaming and/or doing more video wise, then the gtx 460 is the best idea.

btw, here is a comparison of the two cards:


seeker 10-03-10 03:04 AM

Re: GTX/GTS 460 For BD
I think that I will go with the EVGA 01G-P3-1452-TR GeForce GTS 450 SuperClocked . From the specs it appears to outperform the 460 that I have checked and it's cheaper.

Maybe the reason that I'm getting the errors trying to use PowerDVD is because I only have PowerDVD 8 Ultra. I thought that it had BD capability, but if it does, I can't make it work.

ragejg 10-03-10 03:16 AM

Re: GTX/GTS 460 For BD
Outperform a 460? Nope. Unless you're just talking about power consumption?

seeker 10-03-10 03:22 AM

Re: GTX/GTS 460 For BD
It probably depends on the versions involved, but here are the ones that I'm comparing, and the 450 has more memory and clock speeds than the 460:



newparad1gm 10-03-10 12:50 PM

Re: GTX/GTS 460 For BD
The 460 still has 336 stream processors compared to the 450's 192. The 460 still outclasses the 450 in terms of pure computing power, even if the 450 is clocked higher, and the 460 has plenty of overclocking headroom itself. If all you want to do is do BD playback, you don't even need to look at these cards. A 9600 GT or GT 240 will do nicely for much cheaper.

bacon12 10-03-10 01:10 PM

Re: GTX/GTS 460 For BD
I use a $30 radeon HD 3450 on my media machine. Handles every video format I have thrown at it with ease. I play BR thru Pwr Dvd 9 all the time, that 460 should be loafing. Its the best buy I have ever made for the money, HDMI out fanless. Can't beat it IMO.

I did have one problem a while back and pwr dvd wouldn't update, and I emailed support for the latest build.

JasonPC 10-03-10 01:22 PM

Re: GTX/GTS 460 For BD
The 450 also uses a 128-bit memory interface, a little bit lower than that 460's 192-bit. So the 460 should get higher memory bandwidth.

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