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UberRN69 10-11-10 10:07 AM

Easy Upgrade for AC Twin Trubo VGA Heatsink Owners
I figured the OC forum is the best place to put this.

Anyhoo... I was browsing around Arctic Cooling's Web store and found in the spare parts section that they had replacement fans for their heat sinks. At rather cheat prices BTW too!

I already have a Twin Turbo (twin 80mm), and noticed that they had a replacement Twin Turbo Pro fan mounting (twin 92mm) for only $2.90. http://www.arctic-cooling.com/websho...D=475&shopid=1

Wasn't quite sure it would fit, but shipping was only $4.90, so for the total price I didn't mind taking the risk.

The replacement parts showed up in 2 days via UPS. It is about a half inch wider (1.5cm) than the original fan mount. But because of how it mounts, you can place the extra width to any side of the heat sink. So I chose to have it towards the bottom of the card for better component (VDDC, RAM) cooling.

The good part is that with added CFM of 92mm fans, it dropped the idle temp from 43-44C to 40-41C, and load temps (Furmark @20mins) from 70-72C to 65-67C. Also an added bonus was how much quieter 92mm fans are @100% vs. 80mm fans @100%.

The video card is a HD5870 OC'd to 940/1250 with a fan auto adjust that starts at 60% @50C and curves up to 100% @70C using MSI Afterburner.

Thought I would just share... :)

EDIT: In order for the link to work you have to hit it once, pick which shop to use (International, US or US Dealer), then come back and hit the link again.

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